Tuesday, October 17, 2017


UPDATE:  When I wrote this I did not know the following but it was so obvious Neece was behind the McHale story.  From Montoya "Commissioner Ben Neece asked that the chief of police receive the Tetreau affidavit t see if perjury had been committed by her filing the affidavit to show she had voted."

Jessica what ever Ben is trying to silence you about, call a press conference now in front of the FBI office, tell the truth and then go in the office and demand to be heard by the agent on duty. 


No one can accuse me of being a defender of Jessica.  She has falsely accused me of criminal conduct towards he and her children.  BUT, McHale's claim of perjury against Jessica is as bogus as it gets.  

When I read it I just dismissed it because I assumed Jerry was just lying about the affidavit.  But now that I have verified there is an affidavit, so what?  Listen to the tape.  Any rational person can be confused by what was happening with the vote. It was a mess.


Ben Neece went against her.  Ben Neece no longer needs her, which is why McHale who is tied to Neece at the hip ran the bogus story. McHale never would have run such a story without prodding or at least permission from Neece.

We know based on the FB page that Cesar de Leon is owned by his master Mike Hernandez.   We know he is very close with Ben Neece.  

Poor Jessica cannot see what is happening and implicates herself in Cesar's abusive conduct to include Cesar repeating over and over again that it is he and Jessica who have Carlos Elizondo's back while demanding Carlos pay Cesar $1500.  Mike Hernandez says he wants to clean up Brownsville, but backs Cesar even though this is black and white and clearly heard on the tape.  Mike is just a snake oil salesman who the Herald will never challenge because he pays them too much money.  No difference between the Herald and Montoya, money buys silence.

Ben has betrayed the people and for his agenda gone to the devil's side, and no longer needs Jessica.  It is sad she has no one in her life willing to tell her the obvious.

Finally I want to make clear, just because Cesar kept on saying only he and Jessica had Carlos Elizondo's back all the while they had the audit information, does not mean she knew Cesar was invoking her name in Cesar's attempt to get money out of Carlos.

But she is not very bright and instead of remaining silent like a smart person she chose to defend Cesar.  This could implicate her in the con, whether she intended to or not.

The BV is about the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.  No sacred cows.  But no matter what I personally think of Jessica McHale's piece is pure bullshit and in my opinion sanctioned by Ben Neece to dispose of Jessica or out of fear of prosecution to force her to remain silent about something.   The FBI needs to get her in now to find out everything she knows.  It will not take them long to figure she is easily played, but that will not make what she knows any less truthful.  Yes she has lied in the past.  But on this one I think she is holding back something big, which is why Neece allowed McHale to try and intimidate her on a perjury charge.

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