Monday, October 9, 2017


It was about 4 p.m. when my sister in California called for help with a notice she got from court.  I called the court in Modesto, only to realize California still celebrates International Butcher day.  This explained why I had no junk mail.

It is time the true history of the Americas is taught in our schools.  The word in Quechua and Polynesia for sweet potato is almost the same. Kamote in Spanish and Kamot in Polynesia.  There is also the use of the word Kumala or Cumal.

There is evidence the Chinese landed in California long before Columbus, and lets not forget as far as we know the indigenous people before all the others arrived actually came from Northern Asia. 

There is now a growing body of evidence, Romans may have made it to the Americans,  And of course long before the butcher the Vikings had settled in North American.

It is time the truth is taught to include all of  the technological advances of the indigenous people which were already in place while Europeans were still living in caves.

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