Sunday, October 29, 2017


Since February a plane ticket to NY for the holidays has been double it previous price.  My cousin is coming in a few weeks as part of medical tourism in Nuevo Progresso for some advanced dental work.  She is on Southwest.  She said United for the flights she needed was more than double SW.

I just paid $ 446 rt to NY for the holidays on SW.  United was over $1,200.  The other day on another blog a person claimed with a picture there were only like 3 people on a United flight out of Brownsville.  I have flown United enough out of Brownsville to know their flights historically were always booked and even overbooked.  But not with the new fares.

This will be my 3rd trip on SW since United decided to raise its prices so high.  There will come a point its passenger load will be so low it will just close its Brownsville operations.  I hope the COB is still not paying for empty seats.

My prediction is they want to close Brownsville and move everything to Harlingen.  If this happens it will be the final death nail for the Brownsville Airport.  It will never recover.  AA is way overpriced.

This is all so sad, but with the city endlessly lying to everyone about a runway expansion. and the new airport the gig is up.  No leadership, no airport.  A major economic engine instead of being developed was abandoned to endless lies.


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fares not fairs

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