Wednesday, October 18, 2017


It is not disputed that in the 4:33 hour tape Cesar is off on an incoherent rant involving something to do with Sorola.  The BV did not mention it in its coverage because it was somewhat incoherent and convoluted.  It was of zero value story wise.  It is not disputed he is mentioned in the tape concerning some matter with another attorney.. Montoya himself proved Sorola was mentioned.

Judge Elia Cornejo Lopez is also mentioned in the tape extensively with Cesar de Leon pleading with Carlos Elizondo to allow Elia's daughter to retake a test so she can raise her GPA.

What we know for sure is, Sorola knew he was on  the tape.  If Montoya reported on it you can bet the farm Sorola consulted on how to spin it.  The BV did not spin it, the BV just ignored it as not newsworthy.

But now it is.  The FBI has the tape and Sorola as a criminal defense lawyer certainly knew he may be subject to an FBI interview for clarification as to what De Leon was talking about.  This simple fact disqualified him from setting bond on Elizondo.  In law with judges it is about appearances and not actual acts.

Sorola knew Elizondo had been recording people.  The appearance is, which does not have to be fact, Sorola knew he could be called in by the FBI in the tape case, and chose to remain a judge in the Elizondo matter anyway.  The appearance is by setting the bond so low, Sorola fears he too was recorded and wanted to be friendly with Elizondo.  It is about appearance and  the people having confidence in the system.  The confidence was lost the second Sorola failed to recuse himself.

The judges need to look at this incredible lack of good judgment and decide if he can remain in his position.  Sorola's conduct only makes matters worse in the eyes of the public.  The judges failing to act will only ad fuel to the fire.

This by itself more than justifies DA Saenz asking the district court judge to reset bail to the higher amount.  If Saenz failS to do same it sends a message if you are represented by Noe Garza who, effectively got Saenz's nephew a walk in a DWI, Saenz will cut your clients a break.


Anonymous said...

I dont think it makes a big difference. All he has to do is come up with 10%.

Its a 3rd degree felony, practically a misdemeanor charge - If he's had no prior convictions, he'll probably get no prison time and a slap on the hand.

BobbyWC said...

He does have a felony case for stealing wheelchairs which was dismissed then expunged after he did restitution. Public corruption cased for a lot of judges require jail time.

But generally you are right.

But that is not the issue - the issue is appearance on the part of Sorola. I went out my way that I found nothing newsworthy where his named is mentioned. Others did and I went with my interpretation. If the FBI interviews everyone whose name is on the tape you have a confidence issue. It is not about Elizondo getting jail time, it is about the people feeling confident in the legal system which is why the standard is appearance even when a judge did nothing wrong.

But you did bring out some good points as to where this case will end up.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Typical behavior for Crooked Elia. Has always usd her position to seek favors for her irresponsible children who have never been held accountable for their actions. Just like their mother.

Anonymous said...

Well, why don't we wait because this could be just a set-up by corrupted so called "legal" professionals. Saenz's delay failure to follow-up on the stolen Fajitas could be the reason for his delay to justice. All this corrupt cover-up happening in Cameron County under Luis Saenz's rein. Does it involve the same "incompetent county auditor, same municipal judges, same tax assessor ? Also this judge Uresti (and no I didn't forget to capitalize the "j" in judge) was mentioned in the trail involving Able Limas as a "friendly" judge. Like they say "LIFE IS A BITCH".

Anonymous said...

Just ice it’s only for certain people in this county it’s who you know and that is sad