Thursday, October 19, 2017


Full disclosure.  Someone on Montoya's blog posted this video in a comment.  It is not my work. But it is good work.  I remove all copyright on this so long as I am not blocked from your page.  I have no copyright on the video.  I will not let you post my work, allow people to attack me, and then block me so I cannot defend myself.  If I have access to your page, I release all copyright on my work.  We are waiting to learn if the Supreme Court will hear a key case Wordpress uses to allow for copyright violations.  If Wordpress loses, the lawsuits will flow.

No Ben we the community are fed up with you.  You have changed criminal charges for your friends.  Remember this Ben, the last round you paid your hack to attack me endlessly, the Commission on Judicial Conduct sanctioned you.  You could not stop me with your bulling then, and you will not stop me now.  You, your lover Galonsky and his entitled daughter are in for a battle of your lives.

You embarrassed the City of Brownsville with your conduct at  this meeting.  I hope Cesar, and Rick will join Jessica and sign affidavits confirming her vote, and then find counsel to enforce the vote.  Just because the city secretary failed to do her job does not mean it did not happen. We need an AG opinion on this one.  Ben your time is over in this town.  Hit the road jack.  You are one very sick and disturbed person who uses money to buy influence in social media.

The Sanction against Ben Neece by the Commission on Judicial Conduct

The judge's active participation in the fundraiser also conveyed
the impression that the parent of the recipients of the charitable funds was in a special position to influence the judge and raised questions about the judge's impartiality [Violation of 2B and 4C(2) of the Texas Code of Judicial Conduct.] Private Warning and Order of Additional

Education of a Municipal Court Judge. (08/23/ 12)

Mary Rey testified under oath you actively worked with convicted felon Carlos Quintanilla to manipulate millions from the children of Brownsville.  You are a low live drug user.  Yes sue me on that one, I have enough people to more than fill the courtroom to verify my comment. Let's go for it Benny boy.

Tony Martinez your son Farther Martinez begs God to forgive you daily. He was a true man of God who did wonderful things for children.  Not you, you aligned with Ben Neece who was part of the million dollar payout from BISD, which denied children what they needed. You are a man without honor or shame.   

Oh Benny my boy, you will be well known by Brownsville.  Leave - we as a city are better than you ever will be.


This use to be in the City Charter - Does anyone know where it was moved to.

Section 19. - Investigations by commission.
The commission may investigate the financial transactions of any office or department of the city government, and the acts and conduct of any official or employee.

The question becomes, why does Ben Neece claim a home outside his city district as a Homestead, while as a city commissioner he claims to not live in the district of the home he claims as a Homestead.  Is this defrauding the city of property taxes.

At a minimum the city attorney, LMFAO as if Tony would allow her, needs to ask for an AG opinion on the matter.

It is a crime in Texas to claim a Homestead on a home you do not lie in. When you google fraud and Homestead this is what google shows:

"The Property Tax Assistance Division at the Texas Comptroller of Public ..... on this form, you could be found guilty of a Class A misdemeanor or a state jail felony."

Yes Ben the people are tired, and you are next to go.

If someone can please photo shop this for me.  I want Abraham Galonsky as the Ringmaster, and Ben Neece and Tony Martinez as the clowns.  Then if the pic below can be imposed next to the clown in blue with Nurith Galonsky's face imposed on the dog.

If another blogger or person in social media wants to do it, I say post it on yours first with an understanding we all will be using it.   I will get the criminal investigation going on the alleged Homestead Fraud.  But I need the pic.  Nurith Galonsky needs to be seen for what she is, a circus clown dog, with her dad as the Ringmaster.

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