Friday, October 20, 2017


Bela is so amazing.  In first grade she met a boy who was deaf.  She watched an aide do the sign language so she could learn to sign with the boy.  They became friends and now in second grade love to say hi in sign in the hallway.  We so underestimate children.

It seems like yesterday she learned to walk.  So long as I live she will never want for anything she really needs.  Just because they want it does not mean they need it.


This pic is two weeks ago.  Bela was afraid to swim.  Last year she began to swim under water a bit.  This year out of nowhere she started to swim the long length of the pool with no aides on.  She goes round trip.  I do stay next to her but she is on her own.

Benigno  is only three.  He just wears the arm floaters and swims about a third of the length of the pool both above and under water to a seat on the deep end.  You have to be patient with them, and from a very early age teach them pool safety.

Nothing like the joy of children in the home.

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