Wednesday, October 11, 2017


First let me say, you did the right thing to rescind your first resignation based on Saenz's unethical conduct.  We have to stop Saenz from using his office to force other elected officials from office.  For me that was a simple and correct decision on your part.

I get the legal and political system is so broken it is nearly impossible to do right by the people.  This is why the best of the best will not run for office in Cameron County, with few exceptions.  They know what they are up against.  You were way too inexperienced to know what was happening and to know the lion's den you were walking into.

People in our political legal system have two options.  Play along or get taken down, or lose their mind.  Many a good attorneys have lost it emotionally and said all the wrong things out of sheer frustration.

Well it has been said and it cannot now be taken back.  What is sadder than the initial event is how willing you are to continue to be Ben Neece's pawn.  When the 11th hour comes, and it will, Ben will not know your name.

You need to accept your actions have caused unprecedented division, and this is bad for Brownsville and the Democratic Party.

Without pressure from anyone on your terms simply resign admitting your actions have caused needless division within the community and it does not serve Brownsville so based on your love for Brownsville you are resigning.

It will not end there.  I will not lie, you, Elizondo and Saenz are all under investigation.  But maybe by resigning and taking responsibility for your actions will garner your some points with the investigators.

But it is your life. You can continue to be Ben's pawn and pay the price for it.

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