Thursday, October 12, 2017


A must watch Episode 6, even if you will not go back and watch the first 5 episodes

I want to say this, based on everything known at this time, and no real national outcry against Trump or the Republicans, polls are worthless - only action matters.  Other than the same old boring Democrats posting the same old boring memes against Trump and going on TV to say the same old boring things, there is no national outcry against Trump. The Russian investigation is out of the news and seems to have fizzled. 

Did you know Trump's budget for veterans would have terminated all benefits for at least 100,000 veterans over 50, leaving them with no source of income and no means to find a job at age 50 or over.  Their health care would have been cut.  While there has been some rumbling by a few Republicans, the issue remains on the table

Did you know low fixed income veterans who qualify for travel pay are no longer going to appointments because they have no gas and the VA for now has stopped paying for travel. If you have no money and the VA sends you to SA, how do you get there?  I'm certain the budget is empty on the issue and in October when the new fiscal year begins the VA will start to pay travel pay again.

I get how the Democrats have pushed the people away.  I will vote a blank ballot in November 2018, rather than vote for a Democrat. 

What is most intriguing about this season is how in an exaggerated way it shows how the people are moving towards extremism based on their anger.  It is not homophobia, but to make a point three of the main characters are gay and have gone from being Hillary supporters to being part of a murdering cult in favor of their fake conservatism.

The leader of the group is shown over and over again recruiting people by getting them to open up about their anger, and then using that anger to recruit them. 


In November 2018, the Republicans will gain seats in  the Senate and the House.  All the Democrats have is "we hate Trump."  When asked for alternative policies they repeat "we hate Trump." "We hate Trump is not a winning strategy to defeat Trump. The people are mad as hell.  They see his attacks on the misleading news networks as standing up for the people.

It blows my mind how hard the Democrats are working to insure more Republicans in the Senate and House, and a Trump reelection in 2020.

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