Monday, September 25, 2017


I need to be careful here because I have extraordinary respect for the Cowen family. So first the meme is mine, not Mr. Cowen's.  I'm more ruff around the edges then Michael. I would never do anything which hurts his reputation or that of his family.  As to Phil on the BISD Board, if I had a choice between being aligned with Sylia Atkinson or Coach Joe, based on everything I know it would be Coach Joe.  Sylvia did everything wrong in how she entered the Board and used the evidence of her wrongful indictment.  You are either dishonorable or stupid to turn a blind eye to Sylvia.  These are all my words, not Michael's.

Okay from Michael on the Sunday full page ad calling for Cesar's resignation.

The ad.

"Commissioner De Leon Should Resign


               Commissioner Cesar De Leon should resign from the Brownsville City Commission. Using the N-word to refer to an African-American is unacceptable.  Those who hold public office should be committed to judging all people by the content of their character, not the color of their skin. Those who use racial slurs, especially that word, have no business serving as leaders in our community. 


                To the prosecutors attacked by Mr. De Leon, we support you.  We have put our names on this ad to let you and the world know that we have your back."

Michael wants people to email him fast so their name can appear on the ad.  

From Michael:

"I am running the ad because I am upset by the lack of a public response from the local leaders on this issue.

I am hoping to get as many people as possible to step up and add their names to the ad.  I’ll pay for it; I just want to see if others will put their names in public support of its message.  I already have over 100 attorneys from around the state signed up to support it, but I would also like people from the local community to join in.  Would you mind posting something on your blog asking those who want to join in to e-mail me?

Also, let me know whether you would like to have your name appear on the ad."

if you want your name on the ad, he has given me permission to ask people to email him at

I suggest you use an email which verifies your name and you put your name to it.  My suggestion not his.


I hope every elected official will add their name to the ad.  It will be sad for Brownsville if they do not.

Michael is spot on about welcoming these Americans of African dissent.  We must be an open and welcoming city.  I have said many times, Brownsville is a very, very welcoming city for people within the gay spectrum [I do not use the long acronym because I am sure to leave someone out and make them mad. When I say gay spectrum it probably includes more than a 100 subgroups.  We are all equal,  and I can tell these attorneys of African dissent you are welcome here. We welcome everyone.  

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