Saturday, September 30, 2017


I had a few ideas for this post, but I've decided the focus needs to be the ad, and not personalities beyond that of Cesar DE Leon.  But without getting into the post I wanted to do, I will say something which may shock a lot of your.  You need to buy Sunday's Herald so you can see where each Cameron County and Brownsville elected official stands on this issue.  I will be shocked is Cesar budges from his position, so I expect no replacement or election, but see whose name is on the list condemning his words, and then without thinking twice try and run for his position.

We all make mistakes.  What shocks me more than the racial slurs, is his openness in threatening to burn everyone who does not give in to his demand.  His demand of $1,500 form Carlos Elizondo.  If Carlos is fired or indicted all of those threats will be replayed in court over and over again, as law enforcement gets to the bottom of it.

Armando Villalobos did a lot of good with the forfeiture money to make the DA's office a better place, so good people can do good things, but they can become angry and corrupted also.

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BobbyWC said...

i am letting you comment through because you are not shaming anyone for not signing. I have great reservations about Carlos Elizondo. I am the one who was attacked repeatedly for opposing him for BISD. I am the one who found his criminal charge on the wheelchair. But there is nothing on the tape which inciminates him. It all incriminates Cesar De Leon.

To repeat my view, we need an elected DA from way outside the Valley to look at everyhing. Let the axe fall were it falls. No sacred cows.

But right now we have admissions by Cesar and only accusations against Carlos. I just want to make that clear from the BV's point of view. I am not saying you are wrong.

I am at a loss, My view ranges from nothing will come of this ad, Cesar's admissions or any claims against Elizondo. There is too much political pressure to end this for me to believe the truth can come out without taking down a lot of players, to a nculear take down of a lot or people. That would make me happy. But politics is what it is.

Bobby WC