Saturday, September 23, 2017


So I was told while waiting to listen to the entire tape to check out around minute 26.  Wow.  To begin with starting at minute 23, Cesar is breaching all of his duties to the city commission by discussing executive session issues with Carlos Elizondo which involve Carlos Elizondo, and discussing the city's legal strategy.   This by itself is enough to remove him from the City Commission.

Again I question were the racial slurs released by allies of Cesar and Jessica to distract from what are really bigger issues?

Cesar tells Carlos he is the weakest link in the BISD alliance with Phil Cowan and Joe Rodriguez so that his why they are going after him.  No, by the 11th hour of the election before he was formally elected his former supporters were already on the attack for backstabbing.

I wrote about it and was attacked.  Because that is how the blogs work, you pay a blogger to attack anyone who speaks the truth about you.

The record shows I was correct.

Further if you know how Sylvia tried to play her bogus indictment to control BISD, you can begin to understand how honest people may have just decided she was too toxic to work with and not trustworthy.  It is not as simple as they want you to think.  Remember Noe Garza was her attorney.

When I told her she could not hold back and she needed to take everything to the FBI and DA, and file suit she told me Noe Garza did not want her to do that, and that she could use it with the Board.

That backfired big time which is how the current majority alliance could have formed.  Did  Sylvia know then that Noe Garza was Baltazar Salazar's lawyer who mislead the court on his expungment petition.  I repeatedly told her she could not trust Noe Garza, but she saw her evidence of the wrongful indictment as a way to take control of BISD, and chose the power path instead of the justice path.  So please do not tell me the Phil and Joe alliance is anything more than Sylvia screwing up royaly.

Cesar continues with what some might say is a veiled threat that if Carlos does not change sides at BISD, there will no longer be any protection by Cesar. He even lays out legal options and results.  He claims there is no conflict with Carlos.

Prey tell Cesar, guarantee us Carlos Elizondo can have zero influence over the investigators or report concerning a fire or toxic mistake at BISD.  Until that guarantee can be made the conflict of interest is evident to everyone except a quack lawyer looking to make money and protect Carlos Elizondo.

 This is serious and only the FBI can conclude if Cesar's words are enough to implicate him in threatening a public figure, namely Carlos Elizondo unless he switches alliances at BISD.  You are not reading this on the other blogs because, either the blogger does not know Spanish, no judgment, or Ben Neece or someone else is buying silence on these bigger issues other than the racial slurs.

People the tape was released to create a distraction with the racial slurs so that the other issues are hidden from the public.  The BV will get it all out, no sacred cows - period.

Now at minute 26 starts a conversation about the problems at food service which lead to the suicide [allegedly] of a food service employee over what people presume is barbaco.  My hearing sucks.  It sounds like either Cesar or Carlos are admitting to payment of a million dollar contract before being elected.  No sure, my hearing is really bad.

Carlos claims when he found out something about food service before the barbacoa fiasco he reported it and called for an investigation.  Then I can not hear this.  I have been told by others what they hear, but I do not hear it.  But the name of Jaime Escobedo is being thrown in as part of what happened.

Guys listen for yourself.  If you can write it out verbatim in the Spanish/English the words they  are using then for sure I will know what was said.  If I can read the words, then I can follow the video to verify.

My copy if pretty clear.  I need help in uploading it to the internet.  Email if you know how to do this.

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