Thursday, September 14, 2017


Robert Sanchez arrested again.  The charge according to the BPD blog, Roberto A. Sanchez - Violation of Certain Court Orders - Class A Misdemeanor

I check the county records for any filing related to this concerning any past case, and nothing is posted yet. I suspect it is related to one of two cases. Until something is posted in the court's record is all we know is someone has accused him of violating a court order.

I know this game all too well.  It is one thing to accuse someone, but yet another to prove it.  So as always with the BV you are innocent until proven guilty.

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BobbyWC said...

I am never going to allow for use of such language towards his ex wife. Lets see it play out.

I am very well of the abuse of false claims in these type cases. I am not saying the claim is true or false. I think I gave Robert a fair post. If it is related to the divorce the ones caught in the middle are the kids and both sides need to constrain themselves and remember sometimes you need to put up with crap to protect the kids.

Bobby WC