Tuesday, August 15, 2017


First the readership.  When someone Google's a subject and by chance they are connected to your blog, they are not a reader.  They are someone doing research who by chance came onto your blog through a google search.  While the BV gets a lot of hits from outside the US and one time hits from other states, the BV  does not consider those page views.  They are like false positives.  The BV has three regular readers popping up from other countries.  I suspect they are from Brownsville working or studying abroad and are just trying to keep up with the local scene.  The rest the BV does not count as readers. No honest blogger posts page views as evidence of readership.  I have a service which breaks down my readership by page views and individual IP hits.  IP hits are only counted once as individual readers, but the number of times that IP address hits the BV on any given day is recorded in the data I receive.  This is how I know the same people view the BV as many as 4-10 times a day.

My data shows most readers click on the BV 4-10 times a day.  Those will show as  page views, when in fact it is a lot lower as to individuals actually looking at the BV.  My individual hits are smaller than my page views.

Even on individual hits you cannot rely on that data. People look at the BV at work, on their phone and at home.  Each will record as an individual hit because of different IP addresses, but they are the same person looking at the BV from different mediums.

So when someone says they have 4000 page views, that by itself is a deception to play candidates into a major folly and for money. Once you divide the 4000 by the average number of times individuals look at the page, and minus the false positive individual page hits by people who accidentally clicked on the blog based on a google search, you are down to maybe 300-500 actual people reading the blog, and then how many are trolls who do not even vote?


By paying for publicity on a blog while Rigo Bocanegra appears to be running for Alex Dominguez's elective office, Alex has made a folly of his campaign to the extent he even has one.

No one at this time has the money or skill set to beat Rene Oliviera.  A handful of trolls posting vulgarities against Rene on blogs which for all practical purposes do not exist as far as the voters of Cameron County know, does nothing to help Alex.  Bought and paid for publicity diminishes Alex's credibility while his hack approves the vulgarities against Rene without proof.  I am speaking to the vulgarities and not all of the comments.  Some are actually true and have been proven as same.

The reality is no one knows what position Alex is running for, and Rigo Bocanegra polluting the district with his signs is only adding more confusion to the mess.  Alex Dominguez's folly in this campaign will cost him elective office unless everyone running for his position withdraws, or Rene Oliviera retires.


Because I actually meet with people and gather first hand information, I need not speculate about why Carlos Cascos is speaking out on issues of the day.

First as to Carlos becoming as Democrat again, Carlos told me to my face he would never kiss the ring of Gilberto Hinojosa, so I do not see them ever working together since Gilbert is the State Party Chair of the Democratic Party.  But I will say politics makes strange bedfellows.  But given the fact at this late stage Cascos cannot raise the money to run against Governor Abbott, such claims are the worst form of unsubstantiated rumors I have seen.

Now while this is just my speculation I could see Cascos running against Filamon Vela, but I am not saying he is, or speculating.  I am just putting out a scenario and how it would work..  He can run as a Republican and win if the Republicans come to his aid.  This is how such campaigns work.  Cascos puts his name out their on issues important to Vela's Congressional District.  He is creating name recognition and speaking to issues.

The Party money people will investigate Cascos chances of beating Vela.  If they conclude Vela can be beat by Cascos, the money will flow.  Unlike Dominguez Cascos has strong ties at the state level.

So for now, he can just speak to issues without running for anything. If he can prove his name has catched on in Vela's district and he can win, Republican money will flow his way.  He is not the first Republican County Judge who went on to Secretary of State to be currently speaking to important issues to the border area without actually running for anything.

The Honorable former US Ambassador to Mexico, Antonio Garza, a very moderate Republican speaks every day through news letters and oped pieces in many countries concerning any number of issues impacting the border, such as the wall, trade, NAFTA etc. and no one would ever speculate he is running for anything.

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