Tuesday, August 8, 2017


Before we can act, North Korea can level Seoul, South Korea, reducing it to dust. Tonight after Trump's latest empty threat North Korea threatened to launch missiles on US Guam.

Every expert agrees, before we can take out North Korea they can destroy South Korea and most if not all of Japan.  North Korea will go out with a bang.

Trump has no control over China because he has too many investments in China, China will seize Trumps assets if Trump acts against China.  Really, tariffs on China's aluminum foil? Do you know how weak this made us look.

Here is a fact, if North Korea believes the US is ready to act it will level South Korea and part of Japan before we can lever North Korea's military.  US military action is off the table.  Trump is 100% impotent on this issue.

Trump needs to pull all of his investments out of China and quietly tell China, we will break diplomatic relations if they fail to aid the North Korean Generals to stage a coup d'├ętat. China can turn over all domestic business over to the North Korean Generals as their reward.  They will want to make money and things will change.

But this nut job in the White House will chance millions of dead in South Korea, Japan, and Guam to protect his interests in China.  This should be a basis for impeachment and treason before there is no turning back.

China will never allow the US to break diplomatic relations and trade relations in favor of Taiwan without breaking the dollar.  Both nations will lose.  It is time the House and Senate act on the known facts before it is too late.

Will Ripley at the end of the above piece says North Korea will never give up its nuclear program. Will's access to North Korea has been unprecedented.  CNN because of Will Ripley owns all stories on North Korea.  Will Ripley is an amazing journalist who is putting himself in harms way because he knows the North Koreans know he is being debriefed after every visit.

Kim Jong Un is ready to enter his bomb proof hidden bunker and will be smuggled out of what remains of North Korea after the war with millions of U.S. dollars stashed away around the world.  He will not be found.  Trump will be left known as the man who destroyed South Korea, Japan and possibly Guam.  Kim Jong Un will be living off of his millions, in any number of countries with equal contempt for the U.S.

Obama refused to do the job with China, and now Trump refuses to take China down.

It will not shock me to learn we are at war when I wake in  the morning.  Only China can now save us. But they will not because a destroyed Trump is a permanently impotent U.S.

I am serious, it is time our military remove Trump and Pence from the White House, take control of the government and put it to China.  Once the crisis passes, Trump and Pence should be tried for treason, and new elections held for President.  There is no need to dissolve Congress or the Supreme Court.  This is a mere short term solution.

If China will not promote the coup in North Korea then we need to arm Taiwan and Japan to the hilt. while ending diplomatic relations with China and all trade.

Look we take out Kim Jong Un with a Chinese lead coup or turn to war.  The US will never recover from a war which destroys South Korea, most of Japan or possibly Guam.

Our discussions with China need to be highly secret and confidential.  China must be made to look like the hero.

Yes, a military coup in the US for a short term is extreme and will send the dollar tumbling, but it will send a message to China also.

If I am wrong, how do we take out Kim Jung Un without leveling South Korea, causing military damage in Southern China, and taking out most of Japan.

North Korea will not back down.  Kim Jung Un is ready to flee and live his life out in luxury while permanently destroying the US internationally.  He wins and he knows it.  He does not care if North Korea is leveled.


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