Thursday, August 24, 2017


Because I love my bees I let this get out of hand,  Yesterday the postal lady gave me notice if I do not kill the hive she will not leave my mail.

They are getting in between the brick and the mailbox.  I will not kill them.  I cannot get to the hive.  So I used a light spray of water to the back which also has an opening, and boy did they exit.  But the second I pulled the water back, they went right back in.

So I left an opening in the back where they could get out and then proceeded to use a rubber type cement you use on bricks.  Yea the opening in the front is too big.  Then I had a left over can from the plumbers of the foam you use to fill gaps in the wall where the pipes come out.  The handle broke and that was the end of that.

I get the postal worker does not want to deal with bees.  But I am telling you I had maybe 10 at one time on my face and not one stink.  They were all over my arms.  These bees do not sting.  But I get her point, and will comply.

I am surprised she dropped my mail through the gate near the front door.  There is a beehive approaching the size of a soccer ball.

The challenge is to save as many as possible while sealing the area.   Which brings me to mosquitoes.


I have many beehives, which proves my care for the bees.  I know where each one is.  It is not for the city to come spray your yard or business after the rains.  I am ready.  It is best to spray at dusk. Make sure there is no wind.  I know where all my beehives are and would never spray near any of them.  I am also very protective of my bats because they help with the bugs.  My two 40 foot palms have bats.

So if you have to spray for mosquitoes try not to hurt the bees.  Bees are our friends and feed us.  Also the two beehives I have out front are bees which do not sting. Not all bees are stingers.

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