Monday, August 28, 2017


When you have a limited budget priorities come first. The number one priority is the safety and welfare of the kids, then a good teaching environment, but sports is not a priority at the same level as the first two.  I am not against sports.  I know full well sports help some kids stay in school.  But priorities are still priorities.

The BISD Board of Trustees in their annual budget never budget for the type classroom supplies which keep the kids from spreading germs.  I do not care if it is for a second grader or a child in the 3 year old program, when you include the sanitation supplies needed by the teacher to allow the kids to wash their hands, sanitize their hands, clean up the classroom, it is $80.00 a child.  While buying for several kids, I heard parents telling their kids they will not buy the classroom supplies.  I do not blame them.  Poor kids are more likely to feel bad if they show up at school without all of the supplies requested by the teacher.

So if the parents were to just refuse to stock the classroom with the supplies which keep their kids healthy, what would happen?  They would get sick and attendance would go down.  That would not help the budget.  It also puts the child in danger.  It puts all of the kids in danger.

But alas our school board has never cared about the kids.  Keeping them safe is not their job.  There is not a school board member I would vote for.

If they cannot understand something as simple as keeping the kids safe and healthy, then they cannot understand anything related to being a school board trustee.


Anonymous said...

Did you get gas? Or did you sanely ignore the Cheezmeh induced gas hysteria?

BobbyWC said...

I do not read him. But yesterday morning the den did have an article that has could go up 5 cents. Texas exports has around the world. The tanks all over texas are at capacity. Only complete idiots rely on that fool.

BobbyWC said...

Redo - I should never type from my phone. I do not read him. He is an idiot. This is what happened yesterday. I went for coffee at the Strips near my house. They had no gas and the manager told me the truck never came from Corpus because of Harvery. I thought maybe a story. I then drove down the road and passed another Stripes. Short lines but gas. Same for the Walmart and HEB. I got home and the DMN said gas my go up by 5 cents.

You see, unlike the idiot I read a lot. I have actually done stories on Texas being a major exporter of gasoline. We refine oil to gasoline for many countries. I did a story of tankers out in the gulf waiting for a place to unload because all Texas facilities were at capacity.

So I did somemore research and found out our refineries were at capacity before the storm. This told me there would be no shortage. Further Texas has many refineries inland.

As soon as they have the electricity to pump the gas into the tanker trucks everything will flow normal again. For now gas is coming in from other refineries around the state which are at capacity.

Just because I saw one station without gas, which actually happens during good weather because for whatever reason the truck does not arrive on time, does not make a story about shortages or prices. How often do we wake up and because of trouble somewhere in the world gas has gone up 10 cents over night.

This is the heart of the problem with social media. And for the record - Texas saw similar lines all over the state because of bad social mediate. It was not limited to the LRGV as the typing monkey would have you believe.