Thursday, August 24, 2017


The models on Hurricane Harvey ranger from  coming in at Brownsville and then passing into the Mexican mountains, to Corpus.  I will give this another 24 hours before deciding if it will be wind and rain or just rain.  All models give Brownsville potentially three days of heavy rain.  The city is on notice to start lowering the resacas to handle the drainage.  Let's see if they even know of Harvey's existence.


Anonymous said...

Of course, you know best, but my Resaca has been on the way down for two days now. Like what happens every time there is a big rain event forecast for the area. Amazing, they do it even without you telling them what to do. When you move, I hope to Latin America, please don't forget to tell them how stupid they are and all they are doing wrong. It will be your job to get them straightened out. I am sure they will appreciate it.

BobbyWC said...

Now lets deal in facts. The last big rain storm had areas which never flood under water. jessica tetreau blamed people putting trash over the drainage openings. False - they just did not lower the resacas. The house on the corner had water in it for the first time. The corner has two drainage openings. neither was blocked. But the resaca was full.

So I go based on the failures of the city in the past and the constant flooding in Brownsville does not speak favorably of Brownsville on this issue.

If the city is doing its job all the better. I still have not seen their PIO on TV to secure their outside brush and anything which the wind can pick up. I have heard nothing on sand bags, which are a joke. I have my own which I paid for. I bought the bags and then a lot of cheap soil.

The city should be doubling up on brush pick up, but they will not. The brush will just blow. What little brush I have will go to the dumps tomorrow.

Bobby WC