Tuesday, August 29, 2017


Yesterday the first false story I saw was an alleged picture for Houston International under water with only the top of the planes visible.  The picture was from a service paid years ago to show the effect of a sea rise of 27 feet along the Atlantic cost.  The picture was a depiction of what LaGuardia would look like.

Yesterday morning the only gas station I saw without gas along Boca Chica has gas this morning.  They got a  delivery last night and are expecting another by this afternoon.  A regional manager was in the store explaining the problem is panic buying and not a shortage.  For the area they only have 50 drivers and cannot move the gas into the area fast enough because of the unnecessary panic.  All 50 drivers are working maximum hours.

The price of their gas this morning was $2.16. same as yesterday.

This panic buying problem is found everywhere dependent on the refineries along the coast.  Texas has numerous inland refineries.  It is not limited to the LRGV as the typing monkey alleges.

The BV has done stories about how tankers sit out in the gulf waiting to unload because the storage areas and processed gasoline tanks are all full, and the refineries are at near maximum capacity.

To be fair this made up crisis is also being fueled by speculators on oil futures.  Well yesterday once everything settled down the price of oil was actually down.  We have a glut of oil waiting to be refined.

People again, I tell you to stop reading social media.  Valero as of right now will have no problem getting in enough gas if we just stop panic buying.

Do you really believe these  billion dollar companies do not have their own people on the ground restoring the electricity, which is the primary problem?  

If you notice on on my page I allow you to follow the price of oil.  I read this type information every day.  It is called taking the time to get informed from primary sources, instead of a blogger who wants to be the first to post a misleading story based on a misleading picture.

Texas exports gasoline to other countries.  There is no gasoline shortage.  Once the electricity is running again the gas will flow with no problem.

I just checked , all futures on oil are down as of this moment.

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