Wednesday, August 16, 2017


"A special legislative session in Texas drew to a close late Tuesday without passing a bill to limit transgender people's access to bathrooms. The now-dead bill had the support of the state's governor and Senate, but was opposed by powerful business interests and the Republican House Speaker."

I think sooner than later the radical right, especially the religious right, will die.  The Republicans need corporate money to survive.  So in the case of the bathroom bill, the corporations won and the Bill died.  

Corporations care more about profits than who uses which bathroom.  Maybe now some city in Texas will have a chance at the new Toyota plant.  Now Brownsville will not be in the mix because we have no leadership who understands you cannot recruit manufacturing jobs without trained workers.  Brownsville is a perfect fit for Toyota.  We can ship the cars/trucks on barges up to Chicago and elsewhere.  We have rail and an interstate highway.  But we have no leadership.


Anonymous said...

I like Target stores idea... Individual stall restrooms! End of debate! No one goes with you, you go with no one. Nothing or no one to be afraid of all alone in your stall. End of argument, but even then someone will come out and say we are being separated, blah, blah blah, etc. People always find something to whine about. Sad times!

BobbyWC said...

More and more places have family bathrooms. Even the VA has them. I will nver forget the day that poor women saw me walk in and see her holding her husband's penis so he could pee. At the time the VA had no family bathrooms. Now they do which is awesome. I believe the movie theater has one. For me this is the solution. If for no other reason so spouses can help their disabled wheelchair spouse use the bathroom.

If we had more and more family bathrooms with regular bathrooms, it would give people choices. For me this is the real issue, and it is easily solved.

Bobby WC