Thursday, August 10, 2017


A big thank you to all of the families and individuals buying clothes and school supplies for the poorest of the poor.  They go unrecognized because they do not have a need for self promotion and recognition.

In the case of  the three year old who could not attend the BISD program because he had no transportation, a group has come together, with no fan fair and just a desire to do the right thing, to insure every morning the child will have a ride to school and a ride home.  What is sad is the bus which picks up the kids at the apartment always has open seats.  The least BISD could do is take the child to school and then the parent would only have to worry about getting him home.  I learned the parent found a short cut which makes the walk a mere 20 minutes, but you cannot walk a 3 year old to school for 20 minutes and then expect them to not be tired when school starts.

But to the volunteers who came forward to help insure there will be always be a ride and to buy the child clothes and supplies, thank you.

Brownsville is filled with volunteers who never seek out self promotion and publicity.  These are Brownsville true blue volunteers we should be thanking ever day, and not the politicos who do it for self promotion.


For the third day I woke up after basically no sleep.  The Lyrica no longer works and a full dosage is causing suicidal ideation.  This class of medicine is known to have this side effect after long term use.  Last time when the same happened with gabapentin, I had to go to Washington to get the Lyrica approved as a replacement.  The Harlingen VA just did not care.

So I wake up ready to get three things done for court, tired but ready to work.  I need to go for a cup of coffee, and my car will not start.  Second time in three days.  KIA has free roadside service, but on Tuesday it was too late to find out if the general or extended warranty covered the battery.  This morning I learned it did not.  So road side service came an hour later.  I went to PEPBOYS, and an hour later I had a new battery at my cost.  PEPBOYS has a battery with a three year warranty with free replacement and then another 5 years  prorated.  So now I have lost the entire morning and my head is ready to bust open  from the pain.


I have decided the stress the VA causes me is such I am better without healthcare.  No one wants to fix the problem.  Brownsville has a call center which receives veteran's complaints.  I know people who work there, and based on the number of times they hear the same complaints about Harlingen and specific doctors they are convince no one ever reviews the complaints.

Cauda equina syndrome - is real.  It is rare so it is one of those things if a doctor has never dealt with it before, they may not know of it.  I have been 100% symptomatic for over a year. Both local neurosurgeons although offered the information by the NIH are adamant it is not real.  

Patients die or become cripple all of the time because of doctors who believe if they have never seen it before it is not real.  

I know my rights and my appeal is going directly to the Chief Medical Officer for the VA. Harlingen is a nightmare and needs a major house cleaning.

It was recommended in writing that I try another VA in another state after the VA rejected allowing the private neurosurgeons to do the procedure and operation they were recommending because they can be done in Dallas, and then Dallas rejected me as a patient such as they do for most LRGV patients.  Harlingen's response - not their problem.  I should try another state since the care is not available to LRGV veterans.  Not without a fight my friends.


Anonymous said...

Those volunteers that you mentioned are Brownsville's invisible heroes!

BobbyWC said...

Every year when CNN does person of the year I submit a request that it should go to the invisible volunteers who just act to do the right thing without asking for recognition. There people are a dime a dozen on Brownsville. Brownsville is a very giving community. I know people who but two or three extra sets of supplies and give them to the teacher for kids without the proper supplies. They do not need public affirmation. In Brownsville they are in the thousands. These dog an pony shows done by politicos for recognition give basically zero when compared to the thousands who act on their own.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Those volunteers that you mention don't have a hidden agenda. They are true blue.

BobbyWC said...

Since I cannot verify your comment I highly doubt it to be true. Now San Antonio cannot refuse care for cardiac or cancer. Harlingen has a day surgery clinic where they do lots of surgeries every day. San Antonio does not do a lot of surgeries and have to refer their patients out to private care for the surgeries. So since I cannot verify your claim and you clear do not understand the complexity of the problem, your comment is rejected. I can tell you when I was in Dallas for the preclearance for the bariatric surgery about half of the patients were from areas served by the SA facility. SA lost the bariatric team and no longer do the surgery. There was a time they had no orthopedic surgeons. No every hospital is the same.

Washington is very aware of how SA, Dallas, and Houston treat valley veterans. Several years ago after a spinal procedure which required I wear a special belt brace for several weeks, the head of the hospital ordered the clinic to not give me the brace. The doctor went head to head with her and she was out of a job. They blame us for their decreased budget. So since I know from first hand knowledge that SA does not do all surgeries and you do not there is zero validity to your comment. But SA knows if they refuse a cardiac or cancer referral Washington will be all over them.

Bobby WC

BobbyWC said...

To be sure I read my post twice and can find nowhere where I said what you claim I said. In fact my post was very conciliatory towards doctors acknowledging they cannot know everything, which is why I brought the NIH post on the issue.

I praise my general gastro surgeon all of the time for knowing his limitations and getting the VA to approve a liver organ transplant specialist for my second gallbladder surgery. The best doctors are those who admit to their limitations and seek out alternative doctors. You seem to have a problem with these doctors.

So since my post was the exact opposite of why you said I said it is rejected.

Bobby WC