Wednesday, August 30, 2017


I have a lot on my desk,  and with only a few functional hours a day it is hard to get to much of anything, including the house.  Side note, on Monday the first day the mail person would have used the new mailbox, the bees were gone.  Now I have two mailboxes.  The old one is coming down because the queen could still be inside or come back.

BISD distracted me on my research by telling me 3 year old need to be accompanied by an adult.  So I finally did the research, false.

"Guideline for the Safe Transportation of
Pre-school Age Children in School Buses
When pre-school age children are transported in a school bus, NHTSA recommends these guidelines be followed:
(1) Each child should be transported in a Child Safety Restraint System (suitable for the child's weight and age) that meets applicable Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSSs).
(2) Each child should be properly secured in the Child Safety Restraint System.
(3) The Child Safety Restraint System should be properly secured to the school bus seat, using anchorages that meet FMVSSs.

Child Safety Restraint System Defined

A Child Safety Restraint System is any device (except a passenger system lap seat belt or lap/shoulder seat belt), designed for use in a motor vehicle to restrain, seat, or position a child who weighs less than 50 pounds.

A review of 3 year old programs does indicate busing is not provided for three year old.  I obviously have not researched every school district in the country.  But this is the trend.

But the reason is cost to make the buses regulation ready for the children.  I am putting word out to parents to try and get me pictures of the bus seats for children under 50 pounds to determine if BISD is in compliance.

Cost would be considered a neutral factor.  But this does not change the fact because BISD will not fit the buses to accommodate 3 year old the poorest of the poor three year old are being denied access to the program.

BISD just needs to admit it is unwilling to spend the money to make transportation accessible to three year old instead of outright lying as to the reason.


Anonymous said...

Prove your point, file the complaint with the Federal Government. Writing about it is just hot air, take it to the bank to prove your point.

BobbyWC said...

'Cost would be considered a neutral factor."

See if someone can explain the meaning of this sentence to you troll.

Bobby WC