Friday, August 18, 2017


Impeachment is a two step process.  First the House must draw up Articles of Impeachment and send them to the Senate for trial.  No one is suggesting we are even close to the House drawing up the Articles of Impeachment.  But according to Newsweek 12 Republican Senators are hinting if the evidence is there they will vote for conviction on the Article of Impeachment.

"Following impeachment in the House, a trial takes place in the Senate. Conviction requires two-thirds of the Senate and by my count there are already twelve senators who have shown a willingness to take on the president when they believe he is in the wrong.

If you add that to the forty-eight Democrats in the Senate (who have shown no inclination to work with this President), Donald Trump could be six votes away from conviction in the Senate."
Now do I think it will happen.  No. Personally, I think it would be bad for the nation and the world for the US to remove a president for being an ass and a bigot. 
But as the numbers move more and more, the Republican Congress is going to have to move forward in compromise with the Democrats, and this will be good. The president will be powerless for all practical purposes.  If this becomes a reality, Trump will resign rather than being a body filling a seat in the Oval Office.
The best way to rid this country of Trump is to use his weakness against him, namely his ego.


BobbyWC said...

You know why trump won because illiterate idiots like you voted for him. Since I said the exact opposite of what you accuse me of troll your comment is rejected. Learn to read English before the next election.

BobbyWC said...

You seem to not get it, I do not publish lies. You still cannot copy and paste what you claim i am saying because I never said it. Lies do not get through. like the other idiot still challenging me on Heather Heyer. I posted the best video there is to prove he is a liar and he insists on demanding I publish his lies. It will never happen.

Bobby WC