Thursday, August 31, 2017


This is where I got mine originally.  Now I will tell you these  bags if left outside breakdown.  The new ones will be stored in my garage.  At this point it could be 10 years before Brownsville gets hit again.  The point is, the County and or City cannot provide enough sandbags to make a difference.  It is your home, you should be willing to invest a bit to protect it.

IRMA should be a hurricane by tomorrow.  The cone still shows it heading into the Caribbean, but there has been a small northward movement,  If you follow these storms like I have for 13 years you see patterns.  With the right weather patterns it could turn north after entering the Caribbean.  The storm is way too unpredictable at this point.

I only mention Irma so we pay attention well in advance.  But I caution there is zero evidence at this time it will for sure enter the Gulf.  It is so far out any number of changes in weather patterns can change its course in hours.

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