Friday, July 14, 2017


This article in National Geographic is so important in understanding the inherent dangers in local social media and the endless lying, deception, and understanding why after being caught lying so many times, people still back Trump.

"Being hardwired to be trusting makes us intrinsically gullible. “If you say to someone, ‘I am a pilot,’ they are not sitting there thinking: ‘Maybe he’s not a pilot. Why would he say he’s a pilot?’ They don’t think that way,” says Frank Abagnale, Jr., a security consultant whose cons as a young man, including forging checks and impersonating an airline pilot, inspired the 2002 movie Catch Me if You Can. “This is why scams work, because when the phone rings and the caller ID says it’s the Internal Revenue Service, people automatically believe it is the IRS. They don’t realize that someone could manipulate the caller ID.”

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The great graphic the article has cannot be saved.  Now it would seem sometimes a lie is okay if it saves some one's feelings or embarrassment.  But then there is the person who has to lie to lift up their own self image or to hurt someone.

Even if you only scan the article it is worth your time.

Another excerpt from the Article.  Guys if you do not read this and consider the signs of a pathological liar to build up their own imaginary image, you deserve to keep on being duped by social media.

"Sometimes people lie to inflate their image—a motivation that might best explain President Donald Trump’s demonstrably false assertion that his Inauguration crowd was bigger than President Barack Obama’s first one. People lie to cover up bad behavior, as American swimmer Ryan Lochte did during the 2016 Summer Olympics by claiming to have been robbed at gunpoint at a gas station when, in fact, he and his teammates, drunk after a party, had been confronted by armed security guards after damaging property. Even academic science—a world largely inhabited by people devoted to the pursuit of truth—has been shown to contain a rogues’ gallery of deceivers, such as physicist Jan Hendrik Schön, whose purported breakthroughs in molecular semiconductor research proved to be fraudulent.
These liars earned notoriety because of how egregious, brazen, or damaging their falsehoods were. But their deceit doesn’t make them as much of an aberration as we might think. The lies that impostors, swindlers, and boasting politicians tell merely sit at the apex of a pyramid of untruths that have characterized human behavior for eons."


Anonymous said...

Speaking of lies.....look at DPM's latest post about border trash. The picture is from Oaxaca, Mexico, nowhere near a border.....what a Rat he is.

BobbyWC said...

Trash is as trash does - remember this is the imp Mike Hernandez declared is quality to name him man of the year. Mike fails to understant everone of the typing monkey's posts are printed and made part of his post the typing monkey is the type objective journalism he likes. Also his posts never get though, but everyone is tied to his IP address so I can prove his obsession. Today he did 23 page views of the BV. Odd f or someone who says the BV is irrelevant and not read. This is also what i mean when bloggers claim a certain readership. They post page views. The typing monkey's page views only count as one reader, not 23.

Thanks for the catch.

Bobby WC