Friday, July 21, 2017


The typing monkey is claiming Brownsville has a unemployment rate of 35%.  He clearly has some very unhealthy hatred and obsession with Brownsville that actual research does not merit his time.  He is going to just make up lies to make Brownsville look bad.  

The following link. click  As of May Brownsville unemployment is at 7.2%.  What really frustrates me is he constantly depicts the people of Brownsville as takers and lazy.  The city did not help bring down the unemployment.  It has been done by the hardworking people opening family businesses.  Everywhere you go there are signs saying job openings.   Brownsville is booming because of the creativity of its people, and not the politicians.

But the truth will never come from the typing monkey because he considers research the enemy of his agenda.  He has some very unhealthy hatred of Brownsville, and I believe sooner than later the city will be suing him for defamation.  This is based on conversations with city commissioners.

His defense will "jeez maria can't you take a joke."  Well a joke is not a defense in a defamation suit.  Now because I believe he has fewer than 50 readers, other than irritating people he is having zero impact on Brownsville.

But there is the issue of the out of towners and people abroad who google a topic and his page will come up not because they want to read what he has written, but because he wrote about something which showed a match on google.  With the exception of three views by people in three separate counties I do not consider those readers actual readers.  They stumbled upon the BV by accident.  But based on IP addresses I have three readers who live in other countries.  More likely than not they are from Brownsville and are working abroad or studying abroad, so they are in fact local readers.  The remainder of the foreign readers are just people who accidentally stumbled upon the BV through a google search.

As of this moment the typing monkey has click on the BV 11 times today.  Yes this is an obsession.  I do not challenge all of his lies because I know if I remain silent he will click on the BV more than 20 times as he sits in his apartment festering waiting for me to discredit him.  For him it means I am upset.  Nope it only means I live to entertain the BV readers with his comical attempts at journalism.

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