Sunday, July 2, 2017


The excuse of hating Hillary Clinton is old.  I get why people could not vote for her.  I was glad Texas was going to Trump so I was not forced to vote for her in a close race.

But you are an incredibly emotionally disturbed person if you do not find Donald Trump mentally unstable.  He has the codes to our nuclear weapons.  I do not believe in an act of war the Joint Chiefs will listen to Trump.  We are in dangerous waters.  Only the Republicans can invoke the 25th Amendment to end this.  I am certain vice President Pence will end this nonsense, and restore a stable government.


Anonymous said...

Well, it was worth giving Texas to Trump if it made you feel better.

BobbyWC said...

I did not give Trump Texas, the Democrats did. It has been 20+ years since a Democrat has one state wide. The reason is simple. We have no Democratic Party. No one spent money on any serious challenge to Trump in Texas because since even the primaries the polling showed Trump was ahead with large double digest.

You missed my point. My point was becase there was zeero chance of Hillary willing I did not have to vote for her. Had the polling been within the margin of error which it was not even close, I would have voted for her no matter how much I disliked her. I was a Bernie supporter. All of the polling had him way ahead of Trump. BUt the elitest in the Dem Party did everything they could to defeat him and in the process brough us a mad man named Trump.

BObby WC

Anonymous said...

No Russian collusion. You need to invent something else to impeach him on. Good luck with your hate. Instead of hating why don't you try winning elections.

BobbyWC said...

Both of your comments are stupid and ignore the posts. So what you are saying the Republicans refusing to work with him are haters. Let's make sure we undestand what you are saying. Not one Republican state has alleged voter fraud such as Trump has alleged. No one but Trump on no evidence is saying he won by a landslide. but as we know with Republican's evidence has no place at the table.

I personally defended the electoral college process with Bush and Trump. That is our system and it a system I believe in.

Further i have posted several stories now clearly stating these investigations are a waste of time. But you clearly have a low image of the presidency. We are not making up his wrestling video. He went to a known racist page and copied it and put it on his twitter account. He put it there. The presidency is above such nonsense. It is not about hating Trump, it is about demanding a respectful president. And for the record I went after Mika and Joe demanding they release the emails and texts they claim prove Trump is lying about their encounter. I am so done with Mika and Joe. By responding the way they did they reduced themselves to a school yard bully fight. I expect more from our national journalists, regardless of their views. The complain about Trump and every day reduce themselves to his level. Sorry not my kind of journalism

Anonymous said...

Democrats AND Republicans hate him. That's why I voted for him. Fight back President Trump. Please do it for us, the people that voted for you.