Sunday, July 30, 2017


This is a short video worth watching.


Anonymous said...

I was born in the 60's, grew up in the 70's, went to college in the 80's. A female, Brownsville native. I remember shopping downtown, I had friends that lived behind Putegnat elementary and we would walk from their house to Amigoland Mall. We were given $5 for the three of us, we would spend the money at Baskin Robins (inside the mall)walk around then return to their home walking (this was 1981), went to college first at the old TSC then in Edinburg where we would take the VTC bus (now the area where all buses are downtown)and that bus would leave us near the main plaza in Edinburg so we had to walk to the university. In elementary school we played softball, hopscotch, tether ball, jump rope, hula hoop, Up to high school, we played in puddles of rain water, walked to the bus stop and waited in areas that were not lit, not covered and at times not paved. THAT was the Brownsville of that time.

BobbyWC said...

Beautiful post - and those were good times. It drives me nuts when a parent yells at a child for jumping in a puddle or playing in mud - assuming they are not in really good clothes.

Mom would literally throw us out of the house. She expected us home for dinner and that was it. We would ride our bikes to Twin Lakes some 30 miles to fish. Mom only knew we were safe some how.

Once I swear mom made cop cry. A neighbor next to a large lot owned by the water department calledt he cops because we were playing kick ball in the field. Mom saw the cop disciplining us as she was passing on the way home from work. She stopped and yelled at him saying "would you prefer they are breaking into stores or on street corners selling or doing cops." She just kept on yelling at him, until he finally surrendered and left. The person who called the police went into her house clearly angry. We stayed playing kick ball with the only word from mom being what time we had to be home for dinner.

How did we educated people to do the science for getting to the moon and all of the major medical breakthroughs without all of thisnew BS on how to teach?

Great post and thanks for being part of t he BV family which makes it better.

Bobby WC