Thursday, July 27, 2017


Top is the only picture of all of us.  It is sad 5 changed their minds at the last minute and did not come.  But the top picture is all of us.  This one I will make into a poster.  I got to SPI about 4:45 yesterday before the Pirate ship got in.  I cannot be with them during the day because I cannot really get out, plus I need my sleep.  So pic two is the entire clan on the pirate ship.
Pic 3 is my sister on the pirate ship with her eldest, and my brother's younger.

The last pic is almost all of the men, with me three of the 7 bothers, getting drinks while waiting to be seated at Pirates Landing.  By that point about 30 minutes after arriving I was done.  I ordered a small meal and struggled to eat it.  I was wiped.  We went back to my sister's place for a while and we both decided we needed to distress from being around so many people.  We went to my brother's, where it was just my brother, sister in law, my sister and me.  His daughters and grand kids were on the beach with flash lights like so many other kids and parents looking for crabs.  Then they would throw them back.  The four of us had a good time.

We got back to my sister' at midnight and all I wanted to do was sleep.  They had just rented Kong Skull Island, so we were up until 2.  I am sleeping on the couch next to the kitchen and wake up about the time my sister finished making French Toast and eggs.  I slept 9 hours.  I am home now and will go back to sleep.  I am in pain and tired.

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