Tuesday, July 25, 2017


This is just a small sampling.  I am taking the pages from FB.  I go to the island at night for dinner.  Spend the night and then come home to try and work.  Right now I am taking a break.

To left to right, sundown walk in the beach - left to right - sister in law, then a bunch of nieces, then my sister.

Second pic is NYPD Steve.  He spent hours last night cooking for more than 30 people. Next is NYPD Steve with his wife Coleen- the young from my sister.

Then is Coleen again with her cousin Ashley.

Next is Ashley's father with Coleen.

Then the nut jobs, my sister's three oldest granddaughters going on some swing belly down.  

Today they are going on banana boats while one niece stays at the house to watch the smaller ones and then off to a place I think is Wanawana.  Lunch is packed and they will spend the day on the beach.  I do not expect to go back tonight, I am way too tired.

On Friday I hope Gabriella's can hold 25-30 people.  It is their last night before driving to San Antonio for three days.

They are all having a great time and are preparing to come back next year.

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