Monday, July 24, 2017


It is not enough to simply announce the appointment of Dr. Rodriguez as the new president. Saying he worked at Houston Community College means nothing.  What does he bring from  Houston Community College?.  I taught there for three years, two government courses a semester.  After graduating the law school at U of H I moved back to DFW area.  Big mistake because I  was being promised the next full time opening if I  just waited.

Houston Community College is a student centered facility.  I was given a free hand in how I taught so long as I covered everything on the list I was given. I was good.  Thank god TSC is dropping the baby sitting method offered by Pearson.  The students did not like it, and it actually did nothing for them in terms of critical thinking, or preparing them for the university.

When I went for my interview as an adjunct [and for the record none were hired at that time] I did what I always did, I prepared.  I checked out Pearson and put in my PowerPoint Pearson's exam question which had the US as the wrong answer for which country is a democracy and listed Saudia Arabia as the correct answer.

At UT Arlington they used the same type program for the masters in teaching for online courses.  After every test all of the students would send the instructor easily 10 examples of wrong answers entered by the company and we would have to give her the page number showing we put the correct number.

These programs are bad and hurt the students.  The good news is TSC is done with Pearson and going to basic instruction again.  The classroom technology they need is a SmartBoard in every classroom. The instructor writes their own notes for the students an puts it up on the Smart Board via Power Point.  I would always include internet links to demonstrate things to the students.  You just touched the Smart Board and it went to the internet link.  It may be a video, or a chart.  When I taught world geography at Port Isabel highschool for 6 weeks as part of my certification, I would click on a video which shows how a river forms a canyon.  Some students need to see the process to understand it.  Merely describing it does not help them.  

The community college is where you teach the students how to learn at the university level - meaning learn how to take notes, outline essay questions so they can turn them into fill in the blank tests thereby forming an essay answer.  They will do it, because they like learning it and see how easy it is, instead of fearing it.


The first big thing I would like to see the Board do with Dr. Rodriguez's help and approval is get BISD's permission to use Veterans High School as a remote campus.  Houston Community College to make it easier on the students have campuses all over the district area in High Schools for basic classes such as History and American and Texas Government.  What this does is put the students closer to their classes.  It works and the students love it.


TSC is heading into calm waters and a rebirth which will make TSC  a named institution people will recognize.

Again, welcome Dr. Rodriguez, I am sure being a product of management from Houston Community College, TSC is in amazing hands.

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