Sunday, July 30, 2017


All of these years later the Republicans still play tax breaks for the rich, promote military projects and wars the generals oppose while allowing good U.S. citizen Americans die or go bankrupt over medical bills.  You are many things but not an American if you either vote Republicans or run as a Republican, unless you are denouncing the corporatism and militarism of the Republican Party


Anonymous said...

So, if I just go out and vote republican without making any denouncements I am not an American? That is about as anti-American a statement as I hope to come across today. I mean, just think about it. Is this part of your new campaign to offer dignity to everyone and respect all opinions? But lets say it is true-- who am I then? Am I a Tico or a Russian or maybe a Polynesian? Try not to make stupid, sweeping statements. They are Trump-like and should embarrass you. Next you will be making statements like love it or leave it.

BobbyWC said...

You cannot have it both ways. Good respectable republicans are denouncing the corporatism and military industrial complex. So you want to remain silent. Well here is a new flash, cowards remain silent during times of change. I want the new Repubican party emerging against corporatisms and the military industrial complex because then I will have someone I can vote for. The Democrats have made know, do not expect any a change from them. And for that message from their leadership, I will not vote Democrat.

Bobby WC