Monday, July 10, 2017


Three examples.  Yesterday I got a call from a reliable source telling me a city commissioner told him the mall will close on January 1, 2018.  I am very connected to the mall and its ongoings.  I said really? - you believe such a big story and none of the stores or employees know about it?  JCP for example just expanded the store for appliances, and just started construction  for mattress sales.  Now would JCP expend this kind of money if they knew the mall is closing?  Dillard's employees are making good money on commissions as sales boom.  Now where did the story begin?  Social media where any troll as an anony or under a fake FB name can post any moronic piece of crap.  I cannot tell you how many times I've lost it with elected officials when they call me about what any moron should know is a fake story on social media.


A second example is the problem with parking at the zoo.  So someone pays Montoya to write an essentially fake story about parking at the zoo because they are opposed to the use of a building by the city for what I agree will cost too much money with limited use for the public.  But why write the fake story about the zoo parking?  To bolster the argument the building needs to be torn down to expand zoo parking - which is in fact a bogus way to stop the city from investing in the remodelling of the building.

For several months now, the zoo parking lot which requires you pay a fee to park unless you have a membership has been under remodelling causing zoo visitors to park across the street thereby causing a shortage of parking for the zoo.  The second the parking lot is finished the overflow problem will go away.  NOW WHY LEAVE THIS OUT OF THE STORY?  Well the truth does not promote the agenda of the person who paid Montoya for the fake story.

Of course, Erasmo Castro who may have never written an original post on his FB page - then promotes the fake story, because living in Austin makes it hard for him to drive by the Brownsville zoo to see the truth.


He did not like my story about how the four candidates where chosen as finalist for TSC president.  A process he voted for, and believed he was going to be able to control.  He noted his objection to my story and I invited him to write his side of the story and send it to me, with no names accusing anyone of wrongdoing.  It is not that I wanted to protect anyone, but if he listed names, then I would not be able to post his side of the story without checking with every alleged wrongdoer he named. Then once I checked with those people I would have to include  their side of the story thereby taking away from his claims.  He did not want that.  He wanted to post his bullshit garbage with claims against anyone who does not worship him unchallenged.  Well that is McHale's job.  Zavaleta always goes to Jerry because he knows he can publish any piece of un-investigated garbage he wants.

I  told Mike Hernandez from day one to stay away from the blogs.  But Mike listens to no one - not even his attorneys.  Well he has made a mess for himself to include evidence of lying to the court to gain his own advantage.  Mike is not going to like the letter his lawyers are about to receive.  


Anonymous said...

Mr. BWC I was in Mcallen yesterday (Sunday) and I know for a fact (I saw it with my own eyes) that the JC Penney downtown Mcallen will be closing. They have clothes and appliances up to 70% off. The Payless shoes store on Main Street is also closing.
Brownsville stores? The only 2 mall stores that closed within the last month were BIBI and RUE 21.
Competition between Sears and JCPENNEY at the mall should be good but other than that, I doubt the whole mall will close.
City comission: NO VISION.

Anonymous said...

JCP announced it was closing the McAllen downtown store. They moved the manager to Brownsville and since then employees have been dropping like flies. Several have consulted attorneys to sue JCP for the unrelenting abuse the employees are suffering under the new store manager. Two assistant managers got in her face and said she was going to learn respect or they would handle her. One walked off the job. She threatens firing of any employee who complains or documents the problems within the store. We are three associates tired of the abuse and are with attorneys to stop it. Many have outright walked off the job rather than deal with her. She has made it know to every employee she has zero tolerance for anyone who attempts to bring to her attention problems with the store. If you document problem it is a basis for discharge.

Months ago the previous store manager was forced out after he ran cover for Blanca who was defaming several employees she disliked by accusing them of having extra-marital affairs. The regional manager warned the store manager that Blanca had no respect for him and he ignored his boss. He was eventually fired. Gabby the new store manager just like the one who was fired is allowing Blanca to run the store and abuse anyone who does not worship her. The married women complained endlessly to corporate until she was fired. That lawsuit is in the making against Blanca, and JCP for defamation per se and wrongful discharge. I suspect based on what employees are saying this will be one of many against JCP, Gabby and Blanca. It is so bad even as women we can see how Gabby and Blanca are abusing the men and replacing them with women.

As three associates we are done and do not care if JCP closes the Brownsville store. We know sooner than later the store manager Gabby is going to fire us, so why not sue the store first. The work environment is terrible and JCP corporate does not care.

Three Female employees in solidarity with the abused men and for the old JCP where employees were respected and customers enjoyed interacting with the associates. JCP is going under because of corporates decision to promote abusive managers who will abuse associates they dislike until they quit. They are going to have to fire us three and then answer for the lawsuit, and unemployment.

BobbyWC said...

The poor typing monkey will never learn his comments will never get through. This is his claim, I am right about social media - this from the typing monkey who writes false commical stories every day. But here is his deal. My claims about United fares are only false claims. You see as readers you cannot go to or and verify that United has raised it fares big time. It just cannot be done. Well it can and that is what makes the story as something other than as a bogus rumor.

He claims my claims about Valley Baptist are just false. Well the secure message I have from my PC doctor telling me to stop going to VB and to go to McAllen Medical Center is just a homosexual communist conspiracy. I have a lawfirm on board in Dallas to sue the neurologist who last saw me at VB. He wrote and sent it the VA there was no reason for a spinal tap or lumbar MRI because it was all in my head. Well the spinal tap results from Lab Corp based on the tap at Mcallen Medical Center showed massive inflamation in the nerve canal. The MRI read which the VA posted this morning for the neurosurgeon shows 4 separate malfunctions pressing into the nerve canal including the bulging discs, bone spurs, edema in the nerve canal, and a malfunction of the ligaments causing even more compression on the nerve canal. You see I deal in real science and not Republican medicine. In fact based on the bladder and bowel incontinence I have developed over the last two weeks, I should go directly to the hospital. I will not. I see the surgeon on Thursday and he will decide what is best.

I had nothing to do with the peer review a VB doctor underwent when the specialist agreed the PC nearly killed my brother in law by refusing to allow him to see his patient. My brother in law finally had an AFIB, and the MICO doctors calling in his surgeon because he was bleeding out.

My roommates son has filed a combined civil and criminal complaint against VB for violating the Texas Trauma Patient act and leaving him for nearly three weeks in a coma with no treatment. By the time their lawyers forced them to send him to SA to a trauma center the broken bones in his pelvis began to heal. WIth no insurance no one would touch him. He finally got medicaid and had major hip replacement surgery. The surgeon documented the damage done by the neglect and is willing to testify as to the malpractice at VB.

The VA not me is now refering veterans to McAllen Medical Center because of the endless complaints about VB. Because the specialists were refusing to do procedures at VB the VA is now allowing them to use Valley Regional eventhough it is more expensive because the VA does not have a contract with them

But from the typing monkey who writes nothing but commical lies about Brownsville and everyone who refuses to answer his question, this is all one big homosexual community conspiracy.

Try something - learn about verifiable research. You may then be able to go back to work as a journalist.

Bobby WC