Thursday, July 6, 2017


I have been pushing this issue and in particular for the LRGV since the year 2000.  This year hemp and medical marijuana made it out of committee and then died waiting on a setting for a final vote.

On the medical marijuana side I believe the state should have a schedule which defines the blends and dosages for each disease the marijuana is being use for.  For neurological diseases this is how it is done in Illinois.

I will be honest.  Marijuana candy is all over the place.  Apparently the post office does not check the boxes coming into Brownsville for evidence of cannabis so Colorado is shipping the candy to Texas unhindered.  

Someone  gave me a gummy bear with a guarantee it would help with the pain.  Absolutely nothing, other than a horrible taste in my mouth. No pain relief and no buzz as they would say.  I did get a woody, which in my case is a side effect I learned about in my 20's while in college.  My friends would make fun of me, and for that I never got even a small buzz.  My days experimenting with pot were short lived.  I did not need help with a woody, and the taste left in  the mouth was horrible.


We in the LRGV have a problem with water.  Hemp uses significantly less water than cotton.  It needs nearly no pesticides.  Industrial hemp would mean plants to process it, and factories to make any number of items including mats for trucks, paper, rope, clothes and on and on.  It means jobs.

You will not see Rene Oliviera, or the Lucios ask Governor Abbott to revive the bills in special session.  The committee will approve the bill real fast.  We just need a full vote in the House and Senate.

Oliviera and the Lucios are about many things, but jobs in not one of them.

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