Wednesday, July 19, 2017


So why two opera posts? Why not?  While I have no recollection of Lodi, Ohio where I was born, I remember a lot of the last two years we lived in Kearns, Utah before moving to NY after daddy died. My memories of El Paso 76-80, are clear and filled with great pleasure,

I love people and love to learn.  I am very happy with the privilege of having lived in Kearns, NY and El Paso.  I have nothing bad to say about Brownsville, except I  do not have any great memories, unlike the other cities.

NY gave me a privilege I am grateful for.   I learned about nearly every culture on the planet.  I use to go to the UN on my own from about age 12, just because I loved the diversity of the people.

I never understood Shakespeare until I saw a live performance at the NY Shakespearean theater.  I went to all the travelling artist shows at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. They were always breath taking.  I grew to love opera, Broadway, and the ballet.  I also loved the subway performances.

I wish I could bring my experience to all of the US.  But just try and listen and I am sure you will love opera.   Then ask you kids to listen.

Kearns taught me about living out west and about the indigenous cultures and people,  It taught me about the amazing tapestry of scenery which makes this great nation.

El Paso was amazing.  El Paso and Brownsville have something in common, which I love.  It is a gift to be allowed to live in a town which is truly bi national.  It teaches you the love of humanity and empathy for your neighbors.  In geopolitics there is a term "north south phenomenon"  It means in general, but not in absolute, northern countries tend to be more prosperous.  You could read about it in a book, or go to the fourth floor of the education building and look out over this amazing campus and then across the river to dirt poor Mexican colonias.

Expand your mines - open your brain to new ideas.  Try new foods.  Yes, maybe you can never go to any of these places, but google opera music, ballet - anything you can think of.  Every city brings something different to the mosaic which is our country,.  No one is better than anyone else.

I was lucky and blessed to see the amazing diversity.  So one day I may be digging a trench and the next listening to classical Spanish music or opera.

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