Sunday, July 23, 2017


The picture is 5 rows of all family.  Some seats appear empty, it is just the smaller ones sleeping on their mommy's lap.  Three more came at 4:05.  Traffic to get to the island was an hour back-up.

For her clan my sister rented a house which sleeps 20, and has 4 bathrooms, two garages, and as you can see a large private pool.

At this moment they are on the beach.  I had to come home to get some work done. Also I am concerned Buster is down to weeks.  I have to get her to the vet.  At times she has no idea who I am, and she is not eating well.

Last night we had a blast at Louie's Backyard.  I was historical watching a niece from California boyfriend eating a very large jalapeno stuffed with crab.  He ate it, but his mouth was on fire.  You could tell he was hurting.  Mine was very mild for me - so who knows.

If I am up to it I will return tomorrow.  I have some work I must get done.  I really cannot do anything with them other than stay at the house.  So if I can I will head back tomorrow night for a family cook out around that very large pool.  

I think they are taking the little ones on the pirate ship before I get there.  Some of the older ones want to go para sailing.

Well off to work,.  Maybe tomorrow I can get a good picture of the entire clan.

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