Thursday, July 6, 2017


At this time in terms of international diplomacy Russia and Putin are non issues.  In 2000, when asked by the Dallas Morning News who was the most dangerous man in the world I said Putin, and I stand by that comment.  But our hands are tied on Russian.  The complexity of geopolitics at this time makes Russia an issue which cannot be fixed.


All sides are familiar with MAD, mutually assured destruction.  Nuclear bombs are off the table. They are nothing more than tools as threats which are empty threats.

Those who actually understand these issues know military commanders never like being on the losing side, and never want to lose power.

To Trump's credit he knows China's Achilles Heel.  It is Taiwan and their economy.  Before he took office he called the President of Taiwan as a message to China.  Trump after years of fighting a losing battle won the right to his trademark in China.

China is refusing to play hardball with North Korea so Trump announces an arms deal with Taiwan with China yelling foul.

China knows North Korea can do more damage to its place in diplomatic circles and its economy than the US.

All Trump has to do, very quietly, through diplomatic channels, is inform China we will continue to develop ties with Taiwan, while slowly decreasing trade with China.  China will collapse without US trade, unless they act on North Korea.

China will not sacrifice itself for North Korea.  Everyone knows because of MAD, external military force is not an option.  But China has what it takes through its ties with the North Korean military to force a coup, and the creation of a more moderate government through a military leadership.  In China military leaders make millions in trade deals.  China can offer this to the North Korean military leaders.

The worst case scenario is an internal war in North Korea until one side or the other takes firm control.  Kim Jong Un needs to be tried for crimes against humanity and face life in prison.  Sorry, I do not believe in the death penalty, but I suspect the North Korean military would not think twice about hanging him.

Hitler managed to get Stalin in the early years to get the Soviet Army to train with the German Army. Hitler gathered a ton of intelligence from  the Soviet officers.  When the time was right, Hitler let fly a propaganda war of lies about how the Soviet officers were going to depose Stalin.  Stalin had most of his officers killed.  Germany then declared war, while Stalin was trying to rebuild the officer corp he killed off.

This is not a new game.


This blind side against Russia will give Trump the international political clout he needs to force massive sanctions against Russia.  Money talks.  When the military leaders and county's billionaires see the beginning of the collapse of the Russian economy they will handle Putin for us.

But those who know nothing about the dynamics of geopolitics and where the true power lies to effectuate change first in  North Korea, will keep on yelling Putin, Putin, only to see nothing will change, until Trump proves himself in terms of international politics by taking down Kim Jong Un without firing one shot.  If Trump succeeds, my hats off to him for a great victory.

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