Monday, July 31, 2017


JCP is not happy one bit about being used as a pawn in the publicity stunt done by others.  They did not consent to the coverage and never would have.

Here are the facts Mike Hernandez's paid hack did not include, because it would have taken away from Mike Hernandez's self promoting story.

JCP year after year has worked with various local organizations including city and county entities to identify children in need of school clothes and back backs.  These organizations identify a set number of children and JCP invites then for free school clothes and back packs.

The children made orphaned were brought to the attention of JCP and they were brought in just as other children identified by other organizations.

JCP never runs out and promotes it program because it is unseemly.  A lesson Mike Hernandez will never learn.

You will not see his bought and paid for hack write a story about the hundreds of families in Brownsville who buy clothes and school supplies for the neediest children.  But they are not seeking public praise for what any good Christian would do in silence.  But then there is Mike Hernandez. He is always seeking publicity to build is reputation.  The people are not fooled.

JCP is proud of its service to the community, but was not at all happy with the publicity which was done without their consent. They were made a pawn in a political stunt.  In fact JCP is so committed to Brownsville, it is expanding its store to include appliances and some time this week mattresses.  They are keeping jobs in Brownsville while they close stores all over the country.  JCP and Brownsville are a good mix and we need to keep it that way.
JCP's does not want to be part of any one's publicity stunts or political stunts.  They are a good corporate neighbor and need to be protected from this nonsense.

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Anonymous said...

Mike Hernandez, like Esperanza Zendejas, love to be in the lime light. They are all about look at me, look at me! Everything they do they want publicized so they can say look at what I did and believe they are liked by their community. They hog the lime light everywhere they go and little do they know all people around them are all whispering how sorry they feel for them because they are just so needy for attention every second of the day. They treat people like subjects and not like the decent human-beings they are. These type of people eventually crash and burn, but they will never learn! They will just simply move on to the next innocent community, until their real colors are revealed. Miguel & Esperanza will never learn, selfishness, insecurities and horrible personality is ingrained into their brain. Oh well, lets see how long Brownsville has to put up with these two clowns!