Sunday, July 16, 2017


No one can dispute the Kurdish fighters have been essential in the defeat of ISIS in Iraq and Syria.  They are a united people, unlike the people of Iraq and Syria.  Washington analysts are saying it is not if, but when Iraqi Kurdistan becomes an independent nation.  If Iraq declares war on Kurdistan it will lose.  ISIS will be back in seconds, and the Iraqi's will find themselves fighting on two fronts instead of one in a very divided country.  It will become another Yugoslavia in the end with a blood bath war to only ending up as several countries.

This time around they will not have the Kurds to help them.  The Kurds will be shooting at them in their front while ISIS and other groups will be fighting them in the back.

U.S. Americans hate history. In 1914 the Ottoman Empire entered WWI and lost.  The Allied Powers then broke up the Empire into new countries, leaving Kurdistan divided into many countries to diminish their power.

This is the Ottoman Empire in 1914 at the beginning of the war.  At the end of the war Kurdistan was divided into part of Turkey, Iraq, Syria and a handful of smaller countries. In Iraq they are now strong, and have the best fighters in the area.  The Iraqi Kurdistan is prosperous and very democratic when viewed against other countries in the area.  

The religious police have no part of Kurdish government.  It is becoming a major very safe tourist destination.  Iraq cannot fight a war on two fronts.  What will be left of the country after Kurdistan declares its independence from Iraq will be so small and weak if it will want to survive they will have to enlist the help of the Kurds to fight all of the rebellious groups.  This means Kurdistan becomes a reality.  If Iraq decides to fight a multi front war waged by different groups, they will lose.

Turkey dare not join Iraq against the Kurds.  Europe and the US will have no choice but to issue sanctions against their ally, Turkey.

It is time the Kurdish people are given what they have been fighting for for hundreds of years, independence.  I hope Trump does not mess this up, because if they do from Turkey, to Kurdistan, to Iraq and Syria we will see the destruction of all governments and ISIS and other groups taking control over time with oppression unlike anything we have ever seen.

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Anonymous said...

My husband the history major, totally agrees!! Good points.