Saturday, July 15, 2017


It is located at 4 Corners behind the liqueur store where the old Chinese place was.  Yes there are a few Tex Mex items on the menu but by and large it is Mexican.  Tonight I had the puerco en salsa.  I loved it because it is not something you will see in a Tex Mex place.  The pork was cooked in nopali and chipotle.  It was good.

Now a lot or people question mash potatoes in Mexican food - newsflash potatoes are indigenous to the Americas, the Spanish and British brought them to Europe along with the tomato and many other foods.  Now rice with the exception of North American wild rice is indigenous to Asia and Africa.  The Spanish introduced it to the Americas.  When you go to a true Ranchito restaurant they will have potatoes but not rice.

I cannot recommend this place enough.  The other night I had chili relleno with a dry white Mexican cheese.  My roommate had the chicken salad which was hot diced chicken breast on top of lettuces and tomato with hot sliced hard boiled egg, and avocado.  He did not like the yellow cheese.  He now knows to ask for the dry white Mexican cheese.  No yellow cheese in real Mexican food.  Oh, although it is Mexican horchata it is good. It is heavier on the cinnamon than other horchata's around town.

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