Friday, July 7, 2017


Just taking out the garbage this morning magnified the headaches and pain.  I had the MRI of the spine and it clearly shows 5 bulging discs, with attending bone spurs.  You can see it all pressing into the nerve canal.  I see the surgeon on Thursday next.  But the VA is the VA.  The previous surgeon who is good, but whose staff is terrible told me if injections are done before surgery they have to be done by the surgeon. This is because the fluoroscope allows them to clearly see the damage in the nerve canal.  Yesterday I got a letter from the VA that they will not approve outside injections because the VA has a non neurologist pain  management doctor who I can document has already failed twice at the injections and then dumped me as a patient in 2013.  Well a comparison for the MRI from 2013, to the other day shows the beginning of one bulge to now 5 bulges and bone spurs.

I have all the MRI's on disc for the new surgeon and proof of the VA pain management doctor failing at the injections and then abandoning me as a patient. 

I have all of the notes to so many doctors complaining of problems with my bladder and rectum getting worse.  They simply dismissed me.  My NIH research shows when the problem reaches an advanced stage it will impact your bladder and rectum.  

So I wait until next Thursday.  My fear is the VA will not work with the neurosurgeon   I have already decided if he opts for surgery and schedules it for when my family is here, so be it.  I need to get this done and behind me.

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