Saturday, July 1, 2017



The Brownsville Preservation Society honor my late brother in law Danny Montes in its current issue.


"Up until his passing in January of last year, whenever anyone had a question related to brick, or needed specialized masonry work on a historic structure, there was only one person to call: Daniel Montes. As Brownsville’s resident brick expert for almost 90 years, Danny had all the answers.

His family was involved in the construction of some of Brownsville’s jewels, including the 1912 Courthouse (a/k/a Dancy Building) and the beautifully restored Bollack Building. Danny’s father was a master mason and his grandfather was a master woodworker. Clearly, the apple did not fall far from the tree. Though many people in town knew him as the “brick guy”, others knew him for his decorated stint in the Navy during World War II, which included being on the front lines of the 1945 Okinawa invasion. Asked to describe the invasion for a local new station, Danny responded: “There was a lot of planes flying all over, but we were so busy, we didn’t know what happened. In the books now, they tell us how serious it was. But when you’re in action, you’re too busy defending yourself.” After the war was over, Montes returned to Brownsville and continued the family tradition."

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You know the millionaires did not build Brownsville.  It was built on the sweat of thousands of men and women like my brother in law.  He is just one of many.  His mark was he lived long enough to be the only one who could still do the restoration work.

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