Monday, July 10, 2017


First a funny, after the operator transferred me to permits, where I assumed you lodged complaints, I got an immediate email confirming my call and it was transferred to permits.  Well I had to call back and file the complaint with the original operator.  I laughed with her and said I guess I complain too much because based on my phone number you had my email.  She said that was fine it was her pleasure to be of assistance.

Apartment complexes take advantage of low income renters and particularly those with housing.  We decided to call the city, because housing which has a federal duty to investigate blew us off.

For weeks this mother was complaining about her hot water heater flooding her bedroom and the room of her sons.  The sheet rock and carpet are ruined.  The pan was filled with rust colored water which the workers claimed was just rust from the plastic pan.  Once we informed them we were calling housing on Sunday they were there first thing this morning.  The code violations are numerous.  The most obvious one is they left the cracked wooded and rotting stand in place while putting the new hot water heater on top of this rotting piece of broken wood.

Well you need a permit for a hot water heater.  Then the city inspects.  Based on how early they were there they did not have a permit.

So we called and asked for an inspection which is required after installation.  The city employee was very helpful.  She gave us the complaint number and the name of the inspector.  She was honest and said once the complaint is read the inspector will prioritize it and be there in 1-3 days.

At every level everyone was very helpful and professional.

The other day I did a story on a women complaining her neighbor's side of the street was repaired and not hers.  She was convinced it was a conspiracy.  It was not.  If you believe the street in front of your home needs repairs, just call the number.  They will prioritize it if it in fact needs repairs.  Mine was done twice because the soil collapsed under the street from the weight of the garbage trucks.  No special favors, especially in light of the fact my city commissioner and I do not get along.  But I had a professional supervisor see the area in front of my driveway was completely collapsed and they got on it.

The city employees on balance are very professional and helpful and they deserve our respect. Unfortunately too may trolls assume the city employees are as worthless as the commissioners.  They are not.  They actually work for a living.

I wish I could be there when the apartment manager is given a code violation for the improper violation of the hot water heater and no permit.  My hope is, if there was no permit the city will investigate how many hot water heaters they installed in the last year without permits and follow up inspection.  I know of another tenet who is telling me no one ever came to inspect the installation of her hot water heater.  We will get through this one and then report the second.  Hopefully lott of fines are on the way so the owners will learn just because people are poor does not mean they have no rights.

I am writing now because I have no idea who I will feel in the morning.

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