Tuesday, July 18, 2017


Well I learned today that a brother, one of his daughters, his son in law and grandson will be on the same Houston  flight to SPI as the 25 from NY.  That makes 29 people from one clan.  It is one thing to load 29 people, yet another to load 29 from one family with a lot of kids.  Now many of the kids have been on long flights to Portugal, or short flights to Florida.  They all know the rules of flying. No yelling, touching the back of the seat of the person in front of you - you get it.  Now grandma has a changla on a broom stick so  there will be no missing [just joking Mary].

I am so glad the other 10 from California are coming in on a different flight.  Oh and another 4 may drive down for a week before heading to Colorado for a week.  Can Louie's Back Yard handle this many people drinking while watching the fire works.

I kid with the family, but I am so stoked, and exhausted already.  Like I am making 6 pounds of my beans.  I know one brother will say he is not cooking in their condo.  My sister in law will take her 2 pounds and make them and my brother will eat them.  They are crazy as they come and I love each one of them. It will be a blast  I really hope we get 20 or so to go to Nueveo Progresso, but many are convinced there is fighting in the streets and American tourists are being killed daily.  I tell them to stop watching Fox New.  Even Garcia's in Matamoros is safe now.  You park on Levee street and walk across.  You shop and have a nice meal.  It cannot be safer.

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