Thursday, June 15, 2017


To start Benjamin is my cousin 11 generations removed.  The way it works is John Wightman in the mid-1600's came to what is now Massachusetts with two sons - George and Valentine.  They quickly learned such as John's father learned,  Edward Wightman the last heretic burned at the stake under King James, that under English rule there was zero tolerance for religious freedom.  The family moved to Rhode Island and helped Roger Williams develop the colony and a policy of total religious freedom, the first colony to do so.  George was taken forcibly from Rhode Island to Connecticut to be tried for being a Baptist.  The indigenous people who worked with Roger Williams aided in a raid in Connecticut and returned George to Rhode Island.

Valentine Wightman is Benjamin's grandfather.  I descend from George. Benjamin's son Elias came to Texas first and under a directive from Steven F. Austin Elias recruited United States citizens to colonize Texas.  He was also give permission to found Matagorda County.

The background:

"Austin's father, Moses Austin, had received a permit from the Spanish to settle 300 families in Texas, but he died in Missouri a short time later before he could realize his plans. Stephen F. Austin took his father's place and traveled to San Antonio, where he met with the Spanish governor Antonio María Martínez, who acknowledged him as his father's successor. Austin quickly found willing colonists, and by the end of the summer of 1824 most of the Old Three Hundred were in Texas. "

"In August 1826 Wightman and several other persons petitioned Austin for the establishment of the town of Matagorda, and Wightman himself petitioned for a league of land on the east side of the Colorado River. As one of the Old Three Hundred colonists, he received title to a sitio of land in the area of present Matagorda County on May 25, 1827. "

A list of the original 300 Founders of Texas.

Benjamin and his son were instrumental in the founding of Matagorda county.  Benjamin is celebrated by the county as the only Revolutionary soldier buried in Matagorda county. 

The Wightmans have a long and distinguish history in Texas.  I came not because I had a brother and sister living here, but because UTEP was a good fit for me.  I have 4 degrees from three different Universities and only donate to UTEP.  I do not play the manipulative game of putting demands on my donations and then cry like a baby and give the money to another institution when I do not get me way.


Well, I had to go off one of the medicines the VA gave me.  I knew the side effects, and within 24 hours the problems started.  But getting 9 hours of sleep helps with the headaches.  Right now the benefit of sleep has gone away, so my head feels like it is going to explode.

We now know for sure via a CT scan blood vessels in the brain are blocked and causing problems which include loss of vision and headaches.  On Tuesday I will learn the results of the Protein Electrophoresis test. 

We have also learned I have a condition in my lower spine where the degenerative disease causes slippage of the discs which I feel all of the time.  I have been describing the symptom for two years.  The VA pain management doctor blew me off saying he had no training in neurology or the spine and that all he does is give injections to relieve the pain.  After two injections be blew me off saying I need to see someone else, but he did not who and refused to do a referral.

The disease noted in the x-ray causes for spurs to develop on the spinal bone.  It impacts the nerve endings and more depending on where they are.  This is why I am having such a hard time walking.  

The VA has the report and I am waiting on a referral.

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