Tuesday, June 6, 2017


The vote includes limiting public comment to only issues related to city business.  Cesar De Leon introduced the measure, Jessica Tetreau joined Cesar, Rose Gown suggested that there is a rule which makes it easier for a more diverse group of speakers.  I am fine with that.  They voted for the city attorney to draft guidelines as discussed and to be ready for the next meeting to be approved,  which would then open the public comment to being televised.  

The vote was unanimous.  I think every commissioner offered great ideas on how to regulate the public comment.  Rose Gowen noted she had used public comment when it was televised.  So it is not all idiots.  Further by limiting it to city business and forcing a more diverse group of speakers so the same speakers are not there every week was a very good idea by Commissioner Gowen.

In the end we are set by July to have the comments televised.


Jim Barton said...

Interesting! In 2014 I purchased a new video camera and tripod with the intention of videotaping each individual public comment and publishing them on my blog. Unfortunately, Nena began to get the first of her strokes shortly thereafter and we were not able to attend city commission meetings.

HB283 became law in June 17, 2015, requiring the entire city commission meeting, including public comment to be included on video.

When the City of Brownsville remained out of compliance, I filed a complaint with Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, who declined to do his job.

You may remember that "greater diversity" was the phrased used by City Attorney Sossi in his highschoolish power point to derail Melissa Zamora's agenda item to rescind the broadcast ban on public comment a few years ago. The city may use this to greatly limit, stifle, stymie and squelch participation.


BobbyWC said...

Jim while I share your concerns, it appears the goal is to allow everyone to speak. So it seems they are searching for a balance to increase diverity. If limiting people to only speak once a month will get more citizens to partipate that actually extends speech to more people.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

A best case compromise is the answer. Speakers "fly standby" at the next meeting. New speakers get the first bite at the apple and nobody's rights ar rationed.