Monday, June 5, 2017


Two current problems with the state of the law.  People are self medicating by smoking marijuana when doctors can prescribe all sorts of candies with different mixtures and potency based on the patent's need.  Second, if Texas would go all the way, like many Republican states have already done, law enforcement would no longer have to spend resources on arresting people selling pot.  It would be legally grown and end the smuggling, which also would be good for Mexico.  Even better it is time the federal government decriminalize marijuana so border resources can be redirected to illegal immigration and narcotics.

In 2015, after it became known families were leaving Texas over this issue, for their children, Texas passed a law for limited use of medical marijuana.  The oil drops have been proven to stop certain type seizures in children.  The parents went to a state where  they could get it, learned it works, and came back and put their house for sale and looked for jobs in the states where their children can be treated.


In some states without the real help of a doctor someone reads marijuana will cure or help with AB or C.  They go to a store and buy just anything.  This is dangerous.  There are specific blends which have been tested and proven to cure or help manage certain diseases.

Illinois is the only state which has created a check on the use of medical marijuana for intracerebral pressure, which is my problem.  It as a specific formula to be used by the doctors in prescribing he marijuana and then the patient can shop around for a store which can fill the prescription.  In some cases stores will have all sorts of candies with the right mixture and dosage.  This eliminates the smoking issue.

Now I can get the marijuana in any state where it is legal, but only Illinois has taken the step to limit its use to a particular dosage and mixture based on the scientific research.


If you have travelled to other states you know different states have different alcohol levels in their beers for example.  This is legal.

So what is to prevent a nut job states like Texas from passing a law based on a problem with the abuse of narcotic painkillers to limit their use and reduce the dosage.  So now I com from another state and a police officer notices I have a prescription for pain killers which is illegal in Texas.

Do not say they cannot do anything, because they can.  You would be required if visiting Texas to not bring any medications which have become illegal in Texas because the dosage is too high.


What do you think will happen to me if upon arrival in Brownsville by air if I have a neurologist prescribed  medical marijuana for my intracerebral pressure? I will be arrested for possession of an illegal substance.

While the best solution is to just decriminalized marijuana, it would not leave in place safeties for the use of specific marijuana medications for specific diseases.  I really like the safeties built into the Illinois model.  We need a national law which says you cannot be arrested for bringing in prescription medical marijuana into a state where it is still illegal.


Colorado's tax revenues have gone up big time.  In Texas we can designate the tax revenues to fund the medicaid programs.  It becomes a winner for everyone.

But I also support strong laws which punish anyone who smokes around children.

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