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I learned yesterday after three days in bed, that if I do not push it and get back in bed by 1 or 2, I can control some of the spinal related pain and headache.  The headache and pain is still there, but it is not disabling.  I was able to get up from a nap around 5 and eat the dinner my roommate bought for us.  I was back in bed until 10 p.m., finally took a shower and then fell asleep around 12:30 a.m.  The headache was just too intense to sleep so I had to wait until the three medications I am now taking to help me sleep a mere 6 hours kicked in.  But at least I have found a way to try and get somethings done around the house and yard.  They take priority over everything.


The symbolism of typing monkey is not that the person is an ape, but what they do can be done by a typing ape.  Merely taking a national story and retelling it may qualify as blogging, but it does nothing for the local readership in the context of how the national story relates to them.

I will try and post a second story after  this.  The headache is growing pretty fast so we shall see.


The picture I chose is intentional because it is key to the story.  The Republicans rightly or wrongly have made Nancy Pelosi the picture of the Democratic Party, and it is not a good picture.

I am a classically trained socialist.  I am part of the true left, and not this phony baloney American left which stands for really nothing when we reach the end of the day.  I do not even try and explain what it means to be a classically trained socialist because our community colleges and universities have reached the point they only teach what they were taught instead of reading the primary sources to learn the truth.  Long before my graduate course on communist studies I had already amassed a complete library of letters and writings by Karl Marx.  By my senior year as an undergraduate I had already read Das Kapital in German.  Secondary sources are the same as no source at all.  My mentor drilled into me to never use secondary sources.  No matter how long it took we had to find a copy of the primary source and only use that in our research.

I was taking a graduate course in Communist theory.  On day one my instructor repeated the same dump ass comment so many other instructors repeat without any foundational basis.  "The last place Marx expected the revolution to begin was in Russia."  I interrupted my instructed and said that was not true.  That in fact Marx while in Russia wrote Engels and told him it would not surprise him if the revolution started in Russia because of the communal nature of the Russian farm. Obshchina.  This is important because Marx wrote extensively the key to a successful revolution is the social acceptance by the people of the communal state.  This is where the revolution begins, not in arms and the taking of private party.  It is also key to understand because Stalin destroyed the foundation of the Socialist State when he destroyed the Obshchinas.  Lenin and Stalin were not Marxist.  They used the underlying principals of equity to get the people to back them and then abused the power for their own ends.

Even now as I try and find the quote without having to dig through my huge library - it must be reorganized - all I can find is discussion on the comment, which is unsupported, and not the actual quote.  Secondary sources have no place research.

Can you tell I am enjoying writing this.  My head is killing me.  God I miss reading everyday.  Right now I am working on a constitutional challenge to the Hague Convention on the abduction of children from one country to another.  Did you know if a parent returns to the US with their American born children from Mexico, without the other parent, the parent remaining in Mexico can file a complaint with the Mexican government under the Hague Convention and get our State Department to hire an attorney to sue the parent in the U.S. to return the children to Mexico?

Now if the children were Mexican nationals, the question would be easy.  In most cases the court should send the children back to Mexico to have a Mexican court decide custody.  But a child who is an American Citizen and without dual citizenship in Mexico has no right to not effectively be deported to Mexico, a country where he has no rights as an American citizen.

This is what I am working on in 15 minute intervals.  There is a new U.S. Supreme Court decision which details the right of being a citizen and it is strong opinion.  My headaches makes it hard to read.  The client's best defense to avoid being forced back to Mexico with the children is right now there are 300,000 American citizen children in Mexico who cannot register for school or health care. The children lose these U.S. constitutionally or statutorily  guaranteed rights if they are effectively deported to Mexico to have the custody issue decided.


I got off on the Marx issue because I favor the true left.  But I am not willing to cut off my nose to spite my face to insure the left controls the Democratic Party.  Whether it is at the national level or Texas level the left within the Democratic Party is giving the Republicans one victory after another.

In the last gubernatorial election the extreme abortionist Wendy Davis raised a lot more money than her predecessor for the position, Bill White, but the election returns show with significantly less money Bill White, a centrist, did a lot better than Wendy Davis an extreme abortionist.  Abbott/Davis according to the SOS had the following returns with Abbott prevailing.  59.27/38.90.  Perry/White returns were 54.97/42.30.

Whether it is Texas or the US the voters are looking for moderate centrists.  I prefer a moderate centrist running the federal and state government than a  Republican.  So I have to put aside my primary political views to accomplish this.

Nancy Pelosi is hurting the Democrats because she is the face of the false left, instead of moderate/centrist Democrats.  It is that simple.

The numbers here in Texas, making the story germane to local politics, that a Democrat who is a centrist/moderate will do better in a statewide race than a fake leftist extreme abortionist.


Look at the election of Gilberto Hinojosa as the statewide chair of the Democratic Party.  In two election cycles he has done nothing to motivate the Hispanic community to vote.  There is a reason, we do not matter.  We in Cameron county sent a clear message about how we feel about Gilbert Hinojosa and the fake racist left in Austin decided we the people who suffered under Gilbert Hinojoa did not know what we were doing.  Again, making the Nancy Pelosi story germane to local politics. She is hurting Democrats in the same way as Gilbert Hinojosa is hurting Democrats.

This story is important to us because if Nancy Pelosi is forced to step down as the Minority Speaker, then it may create the movement we need to force Gilberto Hinojosa out.


This story is not new.  Since the rise in the Hispanic population in Dallas the black leadership has been yelling bloody murder and the Anglo Democratic leadership is backing the blacks instead of staying neutral.  The black Democratic DA lost his reelection because the Latinos got tired of being the victims of his injustices while blacks were given better favor.  In a Democratic county he was beat by an Anglo female Republican.  Now she just resigned to deal with mental health issues, and Governor Abbott appointed a black female Republican to replace her.  if you know the black community in Dallas, you know they will vote for a black Republican over any Democrat.  There is no loyalty.


With their help the black Democrat as DA lost.  This war is anything but new and is well documented in Dallas.  A few weeks ago a new Latino group of Democratic lawyers formed to choose judicial candidates to run against a particular black judge who has shown extreme bias against Latinos, and a candidate to fill an empty seat.  I ran to my sources who are big money donors in Dallas and they all lied to me and said they did not know if the money in the Democratic Party will get behind a black or Latino candidate.  Well shortly after the money announced they would be backing a black female in the open race over the Latino, and a black lawyer against the black judge who has shown extreme bias to Latino parties.

The blacks will vote for the Republican black female DA, with the Latinos staying home and voting for no one.  This insures the Republicans continue to control the position of DA.  If the Republicans are smart enough to run Latino lawyers against the troubling black female judges, Dallas county could swing Republican again.

I can tell the Anglo Democrats and Gilberto Hinojosa do not care.

I  can tell you this group of Latino lawyers are looking for financial backing within the Republican Party.  They know for county wide office with rare exception before the war reached this level, Latinos were not welcome in Dallas Democratic Party elections.  The Latino path to victory is if the Republicans run a strong female Anglo against black Republican DA Faith Johnson.  The blacks will turn out in the Republican primary to protect Faith Johnson thereby decreasing the number of blacks voting in the Democratic Primary which will help the Latino candidates.  Time to get back in the mix Jose Angel.


"Some Democrats want to replace     Pelosi atop their caucus, as they have since last November’s poor showing at the polls; they say there is no way to get back in the majority with her as their leader. And others who backed her in last year’s leadership challenge have now flipped their stance.
... .
Rep. Kathleen Rice (D-N.Y.), who backed a challenge to Pelosi last year, said the results of the Ossoff race further underscore that Pelosi should let someone else take the reins.
“There comes a time when every leader has to say, ‘For the good of the order and for the betterment of the party, it’s time for me to step aside.’ And I wish that that would happen right now,” Rice said in an interview. “This is not a personal thing. I want to get back in the majority.”

Source CNN:

Democrats are losing national races for the same reason they cannot win state wide in Texas.  The wrong faces of the respective parties is sending the moderate/centrists to the table of the Republicans.


Anonymous said...

Wishing you a speeding recovery of your health. Our national politics is a great concern to all the people of our nation; however, we do have our own local problems that gets little attention and no possible solutions from our politicians. You have been a great advocate for such problems in our community; therefore, the community of San Pedro is indeed of such help in solving the water problem that currently exist in our community. The San Pedro area is within the city of Brownsville but our political leaders do not seem to care in providing a solution to the problem. Our current water supplier, The Military Highway Water Supply Company, are not willing to spend money on solving the water problem that exist in our community. Do we need to have a Flint, Michigan problem in order to solve the San Pedro water problem? Your assistance is greatly needed and appreciated.

Anonymous said...

I read a good book recently entitled Dark Money: The Hidden History of the Billionaires Behind the Rise of the Radical Right by Jane Mayer. It was published in January 2016. It is about how the Supreme Court opened the doors for the Koch brothers and other billionaires to spend hundreds of millions of dollars to support candidates that back their industries. The influence of super wealthy and unscrupulous conservatives cannot be overlooked as to why democrats are not successful in Texas. Ted Cruz is a good example of a candidate paid for by the Koch brothers. Texas is a big oil and natural gas state so lots of political money is spent to keep the oil and gas industries in favorable positions. The billionaires are willing to spend hundreds of millions to protect their billions. Regular voters have to hope an unbought candidate will garner enough support to overcome negative ads launched by the Koch brothers as well as nearly limitless funding. Even republicans aren't safe as the Koch brothers have been known to defeat conservative incumbents by running their own candidates in primaries that support their interests. I found it to be a very informative, yet depressing, book.

BobbyWC said...

Citizens United by be reversed by the Supreme Court. Court followers are very intrigued just about all of the 6/2 decisions this year has been the 4 Democrats and Republicans Kennedy and Roberts, leaving Alito and Thomas in a 2 man minority. There is a lot of discussion about whether Roberts has decided to look to the current reality and make himself a swing vote for legacy purposes.

He is smart and sees the discord in the country. he does not want to be on the wrong side of history. He also has either preteen or teenage children now and he is hearing the change from them

Bobby WC