Monday, June 12, 2017


When it comes to medical care McAllen medical center is A+, but there interest in patients once discharged is non-existed.  Lab Corp has verified they received my spinal fluid and did the Protein  Electrophoroseis test and faxed back the results twice now, the second about an hour and a half ago, to the McAllen Medical Center LP Clinical Lap.  You cannot reach the lab.  Medical Records just blows you off and offers no help other than saying the only record of the test is the request, which is why I know it was sent to Lab Corp.  

I called Lab Corp, and they verified the first fax and while on the phone verified the second fax.  It is three pages.  45 minutes later I called back to medical records and asked if it were possible to get a hold of the Clinical Lab and they said no that I should try Release of Medical Records.  I called Release of Medical Records and she was clueless.  I explained to her over and over again it had been 45 minutes since Lab Corp verified the record was sent again.  She would call I do not know how because she would not tell me and then tell me the hospital has yet to receive the report.

I lost three and a half hours.  My head is killing me.  The vision in my left eye is nearly gone.  I will go a day without eating because I have no appetite.  The VA did give me  2 medicines to help me sleep and relieve the stress the pain is causing.  I am sleeping better, but the headaches are getting worse.

The other medicine has a rare side effect of impacting your urinary tract and prostate.  Tonight I will not take the medicine.  The side effects are only making things worse.

I will probably not eat today.  I have to force myself to drink fluids.

McAllen Medical Center Supervisor just called me, and again asked for the fax number Lab Corp sent the results.  I have now given her the same number three times.  And she made it clear she will not check with the LP Clinical Lab where the records were sent.  She is just not going to do it.  She is going back to medical records where they have already verified for me after reviewing 400 pages of medical results there is nothing from Lab Corp.  I lost over three and a half hours working on this and McAllen Medical Center sees no problem in their inability to locate the record, or go to the LP Clinical Lap to find out why they are saying they have not received it.  If that is the case McAllen Medical Center needs to get on the phone with Lab Corp and give then an alternate number.  It is not going to happen.

Well I went higher up and someone was sent to the LP Clinical Lab and there was the report.  It is now being faxed to my doctor.  It is not just the 3 1/2 hours I lost, thing about the manpower they used to do nothing until I went to top management. 

Im off to bed for three hours and then need to finish a project.  I have no interest to do careful blogging.

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Anonymous said...

Sir, I feel so sorry for you, I know the pain and the mess with the medical system. I'll keel you in my prayers.