Saturday, June 3, 2017


First let me say the City of Brownsville is moving forward despite an inept city commission and commissioners court.  There is housing and business construction everywhere.

But here is the deal, if as a community we can create a No Labels movement, Democrats and Republicans are going to be forced to be more specific about ideas and solutions.

We have a major problem with the cost of water. We have no water policy.  I have been discussing this since before Tony Martinez was first elected.  He promised a policy and then did nothing.  The solution is not complex.  SPACEX needs water.  We get the state and federal government to build the weir dam near SPACEX to allow for enough water to serve SPACEX.  We back up the water enough to not impact downtown.  The dam is built.  The day Mexico realizes the dam's potential it will get on board to redesign the downtown area to  hold the water.  This is so simple.  We get water for SPACEX, increase the water supply for the city, and are in place for developing a downtown river walk and more tourism.

People are letting their lawns die because they cannot afford the water and electricity.  It is also absolute bullshit for the about 1 thousands of gallons of water I will put in my pool today because of evaporation and natural use, the city will also charge me for a 1000 gallons of sewage.  I am being charged for sewage I am not even using.  I am willing to bet there is a great class action over that issue.

I totally agree with the following from NOLABELS.  To the left just click on their page.  On Monday I will join so I can see literature only members can see.  I may decide while I like the concept, I find their ideas divisive and no better than what we have now.  But if we can reach at least 5,000 local registered voters, and members who are not allowed to vote but have a need for a voice, we can force the candidates to answer our questions and propose solutions.  This is how we bring about change.

My view is, I do not care who you are, if you can meet the following objectives, the past is the past and we need to put our differences aside to move forward.



The New Center

Strikes Back

No Labels is the voice for the New Center, for the tens of millions of Americans who believe it’s time to push back against the extremists on both sides who are making it virtually impossible to govern our country.

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