Saturday, June 3, 2017


Those of us who vote Democrat will never influence or change the Republican Party until we become a voice within the Republican Party.  I am not saying we should jump ship, I am saying we should let the Democrats know we are no longer reliable voters.

Next year there will be state legislative and statewide elections.  Texas is not an extreme left state.  But the Democrats insist on running extreme left candidates.  On abortion for example we need candidates who believe the state can bar abortions after three months unless the health of the mother is a question.  This is where Texas is politically.  Do we want to win or just keep on pushing the same agenda Texas will never, ever accept?


Well the medicine the VA gave me for sleep did not work the first night, but last night was 11 hours.  It was nice to sleep, but I a going to  take two of the pills out which are only to make me drowsy and then go from there.

The headaches are intense.  The VA is going to give me the follow-up appointment Monday.  The doctor is ready for me, but the VA needs to send the voucher.  I do not know if the test results have come back.


About 7 years ago it took me months to find a house or duplex to rent because Mexican nationals were renting everything.  Realtors actually had waiting lists.

But if want to believe the endless lies about the cost of renting an apartment go ahead.  But if you have the money they can go for over a $1,000 a month.  I pay a mortgage of $844, plus the home improvement loan at $125, and I can tell you my home will go for a good $1,700 in rent.  It is not mere square footage, it is the land, the pool, and my BPUB bills which will show the renter how much  they will save by renting my home versus another.


I do not care where you live, but low rent apartments exist.  But you also have the medium and high priced rentals.  Further, anyone who actually lives in Brownsville knows new apartment complexes are going up everywhere.  Within 3 minutes of my home we have two new complexes under construction.  Coffee Port has become new construction central - apartments, duplexes etc. Just behind the Stripes a minute from my house are a bunch of new duplexes and houses.  They are still building.

At the BV facts matter.  We are not about endlessly defaming Brownsville because of some stupid school yard score to settle.

click for apartments

click for houses, and more apartments - many going over $2,000 a month


Anonymous said...

"We are not about endlessly defaming Brownsville because of some stupid school yard score to settle." Except for our medical community, legal community, retail stores, non-voters, elected officials and most people you don't agree with, et al. You are mostly just fooling yourself, I think.

BobbyWC said...

Your comment is totally without merit. You obviously think bad doctors should go unchallenged. IN social media you see every day people asking for the name of a reliable doctor. You cannot specifically challenge the facts against any doctor I have challenged or medical facility so our comment is worthless.

I have consistently encouraged my readers to shop and eat local. This supports the local business person. Eventhough Zeke Silva and I have our differences, I encourage my readers to go by his coffee shop and try it out. Coffee shops are local. I am very anxious for the new one which will open at 4 Corners. I would love to have a nice coffee shop I can go to after dinner.

Ben Neece and I have had our difference. But I work hard to expose the lies put out against him and in the end endorsed him. Intelligent adults can put their differences and pasts aside.

I have never attacked non-voters. I am the one always telling people to vote a blank ticket - so again you lie.

You know i worked hard to get Villalobos and Limas indicted. I guess I was just fooling myself because as we all know they were found innocent right.

You seem to think anyone going after people who they see as inept or corrupt is a bad thing. It is not. This is why a group which can identify the issues and then seek out candidates regardless of party to endorse. It would be for the group to make that decision and not e.

No blog promotes Brownsville in their logo other than the BV. NO blog has written more articles promoting Brownsville than the BV. Brownsville is its people, and they are amazing and resiliant. You cannot judge Brownsvile based on the actions of a handful of elected people.

Rose Gowen - I have been very supportive of the trails. My issue is balance, and her unwillingness to address HIV, HPV and HEPc. If she were just willing to address these health issues, I probably would not have had a big problem with her. I like the trails and they clearly enhance Brownsville.

The idea only rich people use them is a lie. Bela and her brothers have bikes from the police. The grandfather has several bikes. The are piled in the truck and they head for the trails. These are not people of means, but they love the bike trails, and Brownsville's very many first class parks.

So if you are going to post moronic lies, remember the BV has an archive search which will prove you wrong on each lie.

Bobby WC